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  1. I was just concerned that it would warp or go through the floor, but hearing from y'all and planning on them being perpendicular to the floor joists I feel okay with it.
  2. Thanks all for the great info, I did pull an access panel off and it looks like 2*8 beams running and the tanks would be perpendicular to them along the wall. Cannot wait to get them moved just a little nervous about transporting them
  3. So, I am moving from my house, which has a concrete foundation, to a manufactured home. My question is, do you all think my new home will support my 55 and 75-gallon tanks? My new home was built in 1980.
  4. I’ve used plastidip with no issues, nice and smooth looking
  5. 4 2-75 gallon 1-55 gallon 1-20 gallon oh and a 20 gallon qt tank
  6. No spawning activity with the cories my betta does enjoy the snail eggs that they leave on the glass. He doesn’t get them all because the snails are flourishing lol
  7. its a 20 G high, heavily planted with 6 corys, and many snails I got for free from the plants I purchased from my LFS . Wish my betta had a taste for snails lol. Everyone lives harmoniously 🙂
  8. I second the pygmy Corydoras, I have them in a tank with my betta and they have issues at all
  9. thank you for the welcome it is quite addicting lol It was totally unexpected but I am thrilled. I was unprepared to care for such a pet and still feel terrible but,I finally have a hobby! I did think of the pea puffers, I was thinking of asking my LFS if they would like some of them, I've been giving them away to people that I find out are in the hobby that I run into. thanks for the welcome!
  10. Love your tanks, so beautiful! Also love the Pink Floyd references with the names 🙂
  11. Hiya! I am relatively new myself (about a year) and had mystery snails in a tank. I really didn't know much about them but did see the egg clutches and left them where they were, I believe it was three weeks or so and then suddenly there were baby snails everywhere lol. I don't think all of the clutches hatched snails but there were soooooo many of them enough of them did and I had hundreds of snails on my hands. good luck with your baby snails and your bettas too!
  12. By the way here is a picture of my beautiful Discus Andy. Really wish I knew better how to care for him. To be honest my girls told me the fish store didn’t want to sell him to them because they didn’t know what they were doing or nor did I. My girls are a little over the top and made a scene and threatened to start writing bad reviews of the store. When I found out how my girls acted I went to the store and apologized. they are actually the store I use to buy most of my fish stuff from
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