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  1. This has helped me a lot with 1 of my bettas.. I plan to follow same course of action with Gargameal. Not sure if Popeye bc it is only the 1 eye. I think it might be a growth of some sort but want to treat it just in case bc my mom recently lost a fish to popeye. She got the Betta from the petstore with Popeyes already and when visiting on the holiday I said mom I think he has popeye. She really knew no better but after pointing out behaviors her Betta was displaying she rushed out and got meds but it was too late. Reason I don’t think mine is Popeye is bc he eats blows nests active and it’s complete opposite behaviors. Snowflake looked lethargic floating sideways at times and eyes bulging. I came on here and glad I did not even consider Epsom salt baths and also gave me some hope that this might not be Popeye and also insight on what to do during treatment with water changes and how long to expect to keep him in hospital tank. Thank you both for the help! I will check back in on Junipers progress as it gives me hope for Gargameal!
  2. I think the clutch is a dud! It’s not getting that moldy color and no babies or changes. It’s been about 3 weeks now!
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome and encouragement. I have definitely found my hobby.. I have always been an animal lover. What has me hooked on fish and sets it apart from the other pets in my life, is the learning experience. I am constantly researching! I love it!
  4. Just want to introduce myself. I have been keeping Bettas and snails for the last 6 months. This picture was my 1st loss. She died of a internal parasite which thanks to Corey I learned how to prevent that moving forward! It also led me to check out this forum. I love learning and this hobby is a never ending learning experience and I intend to fish keep for a very long time. Right now my project is planting up my tanks. Today is day 4 of the medicine trio for my other Bettas.. I have 1 giant Dumbo eared male, 3 male crown tails, 2 assassin snails, 4 nerite snails, 2 mystery snails (clutch incubating) I will intro them later..Fin rot led me to a video from Aquarium co-op. I am grateful bc I still have the fish that suffered with that and they are thriving.
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