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  1. He’s third generation or fourth generation from about only 5 rice fish. Is it just scoliosis or possibly TB? I assume it’s inbreeding myself because he’s the only one and he seems alright otherwise.
  2. The fluval light sits below where you would put a glass top
  3. I reduced water lvl can’t really get a top for the fluval light since it would sit on anything that you put on since it’s so low on the aquarium
  4. That’s why I’m hesitant myself to cover because I want the full power of the light for my plants
  5. My lights get a bit wet from my filters bubbles. I have plants. Should I get a cover? Is it fine? What should I do?
  6. I just got a Ziss filter. Do you need to replace the media ever?
  7. Thank you, kind people. 🌝
  8. Can you keep two male ranchus together?
  9. Don’t have any good freshwater stores around me. Looking at getting a new tank and getting a pair of angels. Aqua Huna and Aquatic arts are sold out. Does anyone else have reputable website to get them on.
  10. Thank you very much, I wonder if they’ll survive then. My tank was having a massive algae bloom before I cleaned it out. I do think they’ve spread since then. They used to only be on the wood.
  11. Yeah sorry, if my pictures are rough all pictures of are the fungus it’s growing on roots. Is it harmful?
  12. Lately I’ve noticed this weird stuff growing in my tank starting on the wood but now it’s spreading around. Can anyone help me identify what it is?
  13. I used to have them in a 20 Gallon bucket but I had to move recently. There are 5 2 females 3 males seems like the biggest female is aggressive too but she is too big to catch the others. I also have 4 Cherry shrimp too the fish never bother them tho. I had a ceramic hide a log 2 banana plants and a filter. When I noticed it I ordered guppy grass thought it might help. Should I wait to put the really aggressive male back in with the plants?
  14. Have a few rice fish one I assume is the alpha male. He attacks the other males and even the one female. I took him out because he never stops attacking them and the female is carrying eggs right now. What should I do? I feel I need more females maybe but I don’t have a local source of rice fish and I barely could cope with the lvl of parasites I got from my last Aqua Huna order.
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