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  1. Please someone find out! I want a 20 long as well, and in my area they are going for $50 😱
  2. Yeah like a little kid seeing a giant candy bar!!!!😂
  3. I have a community tank in my 10 gallon and I had two cherry barbs that spawned. Figured I would never see babies because of all the other fish, but today found so far 2 swimming around 😁 Here is one right in the center of the picture
  4. Welcome! Wow looks awesome keep the updates coming 😁
  5. Got my brine shrimp Hatcher from Co-op today 😁, excited to get that going! Also loving the stickers keep them on my tank stand door!
  6. Hello all I have a 20 gallon, 10 gallon and a 7 gallon fish bowl. Also keep a reptile. dream would be a 75 gallon planted tank, hoping to get a 20 long soon as well #MTS
  7. The leaves look like they have diatome algae which is normal with a new tank. I had a ton in my 20 gallon for a while but doing water changes and rubbing leaves will slowly work it out. As your tank seasons or settles in then it won’t be as prevalent. these two picts are from same tank a couple months apart diatome algae was so bad it got depressing almost started whole tank over but no tank looks amazing
  8. So I tested my water today in my 10 gallon tank and found that I had between 0-40 ppm kh and as a result my ph was closer to 6.2. I have heard Cory say to use crushed coral but my gh is over 300 ppm and I don’t want to raise my hardness any more any suggestions?
  9. I’ll have to contact the store about parameters and see how different they are. thanks “inked” I’ll have to try that quarantine method next time
  10. Here is pict of tank With the otos I asked for the biggest and fattest ones and all the corys seemed fine In the store
  11. I tested right now ph - 6.8 hardness -300 (on city water) nitrate - 20 ppm nitrite-0 kh 40
  12. So I have a fully cycled 20 gallon tank setup for almost 2 years, but recently every time I buy fish I loss a majority of them within a week. Example: I bought 6 panda Corys and 4 otos, 3 days after purchasing them 1 oto and two pandas died now 10 days after 2 more pandas died. Should I be doing a salt quarantine to avoid these losses?
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