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  1. I looked real good and I don't see any blue. They look closer to the rice fish but a lot redder. From my couch the only way I can tell them from the shrimp is the way they swim, just to give you an ideal of how red they are. Going to try and get a better pic, but my phone camera is not great.
  2. Ok thanks for the info and the tips. The pearl weed guppy grass are the ones that look the worst. My camera phone isn't great. I noticed after I took the pics it didn't show how bad it was. The pearl weed was taller than the tallest drift wood. And fuller, now some of it has broken off and is now floating at the top. I'll trim the brown off and do another water change, I did one last night too. I actually just put the Anubis in thinking I dosed for too many plants. They were meant for one of my Betta tanks. My lfs ( also where I work ) don't carry easy green, and neither do any of the other lfs here, where is the best place to order it from? O and yes it's been about 2 to 2 1/2 mths.
  3. Thanks I'll check it out I forgot to say, I don't have a nitrate test kit but am going to get 1 tomorrow.
  4. Thanks I have bandits and pygmy Cory's too all in different tanks of course...
  5. I have a bare bottom guppy breeding tank with plants I was told my plants would do better if I would fertilize them by using flourish so I did now my plants are all turning brown they're not as tall as they used to be they're not as full as I used to be and this is all happened in a span of two days is there anyway I can save my plants.
  6. Don't know if you can see it or not but the plants have alot of brown, and the baby tears was a lot taller before the fertilizer Ok I will post there thanks. And I will start water changes right now. I should have left well enough alone... My plants look great as was.
  7. I'm so upset 😭😭 I added flouish to my bare bottom guppy breaker tank cause I was told they weren't getting enough food due to no substrate... Well my plants ( that we're doing great in my opinion ) are all dieing..... Is there anything I can do to fix this before it all gone??? 😢😢😢😢😢
  8. I lost all four of my Masonic guppy males. The water parameters are all good so I really don't know what happened. But ALL my females are doing great. I even have some new babies in the guppy tank. Also I got 6 tangerine orange shrimp , will be getting some yellow's soon. I got new Blue Cobra males and some majestic Cobra males and a bunch more females going to put them each in different tanks after quarantine. I'm going to try and keep it tank specific except for the first one the first one is just an assorted. The first tank is the one where the males all died in it so I don't know what I'm going to replace them with.
  9. There were Molly, platty and swords..... I was thinking swords due to the color. Was looking at them tonight and they appear to have even darker red strips along their bodies. 🤷 But I'm new to breeding so I am just guessing. Is it ok to keep posting on this thread or should I start a new one about babies?
  10. Thanks, I will. I can't wait to find out what the babies are, I was looking closely at them last night and noticed they all have stripes down their bodies. The bigger they get the more I see so hopefully it won't be much longer and I'll know what they are, lol
  11. I finally was able to get pics of the tiny babies, not great but can see them. I thought they were guppies but now not sure. ????? 🤔🤔
  12. What is he? An Eel? Done this wrong before, sorry. What is he? Eel?
  13. I think that's exactly how I got them I went and got some Mosaic orange and gray male guppies and some females today for my new guppy tank I'm going to try my hand at breading LOL, and I seen all kinds of baby guppies in that tank so that makes perfect sense to me that they hitched a ride on the plants. 😊
  14. I thought I had. Guess I did something wrong... I'll try again. SOrry the babies are too small, my camera won't focus on them. But I added a few of the others, hope you like 😁
  15. I've had fish aquariums for years I've never done a planted tank just now starting the planted tanks well I've been in it about 3 months and last week I put shrimp in my shrimp tank first shrimp tank ever, I've already got babies!!!!😆 Got them already buried I guess...😁 Funny thing I somehow have teeny tiny baby Guppies in my shrimp tank, I didn't buy them but I got them... Lol 🤔
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