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  1. Here you go, picture of the water sprite in container for 3-4 months so far, still healthy and green. I think the right are either moneywort or pennywort, not sure but all stem plants. And here’s picture of water sprite in my tank. I stopped dosing easy green because my tank have tons of nutrients. If I keep dosing then I would get BBA.
  2. Not really sure but water sprite are super hardy, mine is growing like a jungle and I would need to get rid of 1 bag worth every 3-4 week. I even tested it by cutting a branch off without the root to see if it would grow, and surprising it grew. I even kept 1 bag worth of water sprite in a container outside in the sun with closed lid and those grew too so it doesn't need ferts. The container was only filled with RO water the first time, after I sold those water sprite, the second batch was filled with RO water and 1 root tab. I can get picture of it tomorrow if you want.
  3. Hey everyone, Has anyone try to open the side mesh on these ziss breeder BL3? I'm trying to clean out some stuck brine eggs but the black plastic isn't coming off the box easy or maybe I'm doing it wrong, also scared if I pull any harder then it would crack the box. I tried to look for video to open it but haven't seen any. any advice or vid is much appreciated!
  4. I did tested it with a white paper and the pure white does come out as pure white so tanish color icon doesn’t represent the pure white but long as the light isn’t a defective then its all good, been loving the light ever since purchased.
  5. Yes, and why is there a difference of the color for the pure white icon for some ppl and not others?
  6. It is but I just want to make sure the light isn't a defect. Those topics wouldn't help much because I'm just asking about the pure white on the fluval plant 3.0 , wondering if the different size would have different type of "Pure White" or the other colors.
  7. Hey Streetwise, Thx for the reply, Yes I been reading through your thread about the program and scheduling which is awesome and super helpful infos for me to play with my setting. And that's where I noticed some ppl setting had a white for the "Pure White" but other didnt. So the pure white isn't pure white ?
  8. Hey Everyone, I recently bought the fluval plant 3.0 LED after reading reviews and it's amazing but I noticed the "Pure White" isn't pure white like the 2nd pic below. was there a update to this color?
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