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  1. Well, I'm certainly learning. I boiled for one hour, rinsed, boiled for 2 hours, rinsed, soaked overnight. Boiled again, rinsed, same over again. Then I soaked overnight again. Soaked in warm water and then it looked pretty good. But I see by the looks of the aquarium I'll be doing regular water changes to keep the tannins down. But that's ok. Yes, the Rasboras will love it! I'll take a picture soon so you can see the progress...if you want a look at a beginner's nano tank. I can see I've already made some landscape mistakes but I'll manage with it for now. Thank you again for everyone's kind help.
  2. I want to thank all of you for responding to this new fin in the swim question. There is so much to learn about aquarium life. I'll be so glad to just get my aquarium up and running and stocked with my plants and fish. It's a long process but everyone here has made this little journey easier. Sincerely, Simply Fin
  3. Oh, that is so beautiful and refreshing! Love how you are working the room. 😄A real spa like retreat.
  4. I just received hardscape today and instructions came with it that really had me in a quandary. You see, if I follow the instructions in preparing the driftwood for the aquarium it will rid all the tannins from the wood or at least that is what the company is stating. But the problem is that I want Phoenix Rasboras to live in the tank and from what I've read they like a little tannin in the water. But I'm not sure how I would go about treating the driftwood and leaving a little tannin in the wood. Is this making sense to you? I've enclose photo so you can see the instructions and consider what I might do. Thank you.
  5. Very impressive, love the big tank and the aquascape. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
  6. This was amazing to watch, thank you for the video clip.
  7. Guppysnail, Anjum, and Redfish, Thank you for the encouragement and help. As of today, more of the stems have developed good roots. It's amazing how fast they propagate. I can see I will be very busy in the near future cleaning out Water Sprite, but if the Phoenix Rasboras are happy then it's worth the work. Can't wait to finally transfer my plants to the tank but it will take time. This is good practice for the future when I quarantine the Rasboras. I'll just have to be patient. I would like to see pictures of your aquarium/s if you want. Maybe they are already posted here, but I'm not sure where to start to see them. No pressure friends.
  8. Hello everyone, looks like I'm seeing some small roots forming on the Sprite and the anubias are growing also.
  9. Hello Kris, All I can say is WOW. Great tanks! Congrats on your undergrad degree and my best wishes in your pursuit of a Master's degree in Biology. I joined a week ago and everyone has been very helpful and supportive. I'm also from Idaho, the northern panhandle. Unlike you I'm new to aquarium life but am enjoying learning about plants, fish and water conditions. This senior citizen is taking a crash course in a little science, chemistry and biology. It's a little stressful since I was never good in the science/math department. lol We'll just call this my lab assignment. Or on the job training? lol. I'm rattling on, forgive me, and welcome to the swim neighbor.
  10. Oh, that's great to know K McZongo, thank for your comments. From what I'm reading, I'll be harvesting Sprite for a long time. Thank you, I feel better now.
  11. Thank you for the information, I'll take your advice and wait until the plant is in the aquarium and is better established and has grown out more. Good advice, appreciate your impute. I'll wait and just let the magic happen, propagate later. Thank you so much.
  12. Following videos that mention the importance of disinfecting plants and quarantine procedures to avoid snails and things like planaria that can kill fish. I used alum dip for 4 hours and it was tested that it kills most snails and eggs in that length of time except for one type of snail. It's on You Tube. Thank you for all the good information TOtrees, appreciate your time and question. Have a nice holiday weekend.
  13. Thank you, Redfish, and Gardenman for your observation and thoughts. I played it safe by separating the Anubias plants from the Water Sprite just in case it's fungus or mold. Leaning on the side of caution. The Anubias plants are still doing great. Hope it's just normal melting for the Sprite and hope to see new growth before too long. Thank you so much for your support.
  14. Gardenman, would you mind taking a look at some pics I posted under My new Water Sprite doesn't look good. Does it look like fungal growth or mold to you?
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