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  1. does anyone know any good places to get frogbit? any good etsy sellers, amazon sellers, or businesses that sell it?
  2. Lately I've been listening to the bands Mother Mother, YUNGBLUD, Marilyn Manson, and carolesdaughter.
  3. I became hooked during quarantine. I was bored and had nothing but time and I started watching animal/pet youtube channels and I became hooked on watching how people set up tanks and backyard ponds and just how much people cared about their fish. so much that I started loving how different breeds of fish act differently and learning how to care for them
  4. I have a fluval 30 hang on back filter, an aqueon 100 watt heater, and I have driftwood with live java moss on it and 1 Anubias nana (planning to get more plants in the future), we already have the snail (got him yesterday). would you recommend more plants than that?
  5. could I keep 6-8 harlequin rasboras with 8-10 black phantom tetras and possibly 6-8 neon tetras (and a mystery snail) all together in a 20 gallon long tank? I'm assuming that I maybe could but I don't want to be overstocking my fish tank. I want all my fish to be healthy and have enough space. Any help/advice is appreciated! Thanks. (edit: spelling)
  6. could lemon tetras and harlequin rasboras live together in 20 gallon long tank? And if so, how many of each? I'm pretty new to fish keeping and I'm planning to get fish in the next week or 2 (there's a few live plants in the aquarium and a mystery snail right now. tanks been cycling for 3 weeks). and any tips or tricks for cleaning/maintaining fish tanks is appreciated! thanks.
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