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Found 11 results

  1. Hey everyone I’ve got a quick question. In the past I’ve kept floaters, some of my favorites being Salvinia and frogbit, but it’s always been a big pain doing so in this tank because of the large HOB aquaclear. I’ve done the whole plant barriers by the filter and this and that and something always ends up going wrong so I’m in the process of converting the tank to sponge filters only. Finally keeping floaters will be more enjoyable! Anyway, I’ve only tried floaters in summer months in the past. My apartment is older and frankly not insulated well at all.. I live half an hour outside of Boston so it gets pretty darn cold here during fall and winter. My heaters are plenty powerful enough to maintain tropical water temps year round, but during winter the air temp in the apartment can be around 60 degrees while I’m out at work. Can plants like these handle those air temps? Would it screw with the plants if their water temp is in the high 70’s but the air temp only low 60’s? thanks!
  2. does anyone know any good places to get frogbit? any good etsy sellers, amazon sellers, or businesses that sell it?
  3. The frogbit I have exploded and doubled at first but lately it has seem to die off and stopped growing, a lot of the leaves are deteriating. Other than easy green what could I do?
  4. I left some american frogbit in my otherwise empty quarantine tank while I was away for two weeks. It has essentially taken over the tank. Seems a waste to throw it out but other than Petco/Petsmart there are no nearby freshwater aquarium stores. What do most of you do with excess floating plants?
  5. Last Tuesday I received my order of fish & then the day after I received Frogbit and now there's a white film on the surface. My guess is it's from the Frogbit, if so what would it be?
  6. Can anyone help me if this little critter on my frogbit? Thanks!
  7. Can Anyone id this plant? It "snuck" in with my salvia.
  8. Hello everyone, a couple weeks ago I got some floating plants from the co-op. I thought it was just going to be water lettuce, nope there are two other plants and I don't know what they are. I think one of them is frog bit? I don't know which, but my gut says so. I need help identifying both planted circled with red. Also I don't know if the larger plant is a floater or not, the roots are a lot longer and the leaves are pretty big, I just left it floating because I don't think it would hurt anything. In the second photo, you can see how much bigger the roots are compared to the plants that I know are floaters (but don't know the name of). Thank you. PS. I know there is a ton of algae, I'm working on it
  9. Good Morning, I was wondering if someone could help me? I am new to aquatic plants and after doing really well with java fern, anubias, and moss after a few months I wanted to try frogbit. I have had frogbit for almost 2 weeks now. Some leaves are turning yellow and I dont know why. I fertilize with aquarium co-op easy green once a week. Its a 10 gallon divided tank. I keep my lights on. I have the nicrew light for a 10 gallon. Sponge filters from aquarium co-op. I have 2 betta fish in the tank (divided). Is it a nutrient deficiency? Too much water movement? Too much light? I tried to do research on my own, but I would appreciate some feedback from someone who has experience. Thank you! Brittany
  10. Question: Do floating plants like frog bit and water lettuce require still water? I tried both and the water lettuce melted away completely. the frog bit is still trying to hang on bit it melted away as well. Well I'd say about 98% of it. I do have some very small new growth on the hand full of plants left. I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully grown or at the top of thier water with water currents. Liz
  11. I have a new betta tank with amazon frogbit. I cycled with the frogbit and not snails in sight. After I introduced the betta (pouring the betta out of the bag into the aquarium, like my local fish store told me to do), small snails have started showing up. I looked at them under a magnifier and they look like ramshorn snails (they are so small that the shells are almost see through). I think I read that they will eat the underside of the frogbit. Will they eat the underside of the frogbit? Do I need to try to get rid of them, or can I just welcome them to the tank?
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