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  1. I agree with everyone. I like to leave them in the planters for about a month or so to let the plant get used to my aquarium and not have to worry about grow roots AND get used to my water. ESPECIALLY if I get it on sale because it may not be looking too great.
  2. I just got a used 40 gallon hexagon aquarium and I NEVER THOUGHT about getting a hex or column. I was wondering what type of fish people put in these. I was thinking neons(mid) hatchets(top) & Apistogrammas as the centerpiece. Lighting? I was wondering if anyone uses a pendant light for a planted tank. Filter? I was thinking about an Aquaclear 60 but somehow extend the intake tube to get lower in the tank. Or the Sicce shark 800 (internal filter). Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. I'm going to try Easy Green. I've watched TONS of there YouTube videos and I feel I need to support with a purchase. I was split between that and Thrive.
  4. LIQUID FERTILIZER with WATER CHANGES or a few days after? I was wondering if the water declorinator used during water changes effects the liquid fertilizer if I dose the same day as my water changes or should I dose the fertilizer a few days later. I'm going to be starting to use an all in one liquid fertilizer and can't find much info on this topic. I also plan on only dosing once a week on this 55 gallon. Thank you
  5. Should I run an airstone in a planted tank? Seems like there is ALOT of different views but hasn't been covered by almost any of the "big" youtubers that I've noticed. I don't run co2 Gets decent ambient light in room but have light on from 12-4 (top fin hood light) I Installed all plants on Sunday. I know some might melt. (When will that start to happen and how bad should I expect?) Only swords and vallisneria I have root tabs 55 gallon (7 angelfish, 7 harlequin rasboras & 2 clown plecos.) -thank you
  6. Once my current fertilizers run out I was planning on getting EASY GREEN.
  7. I use lava rock in my Hang on Back Filters for BB. Just make sure you CLEAN THE HECK out of it. You might be better off just buying a bag because it is cheap and you never know what might be on random lava rock.
  8. I like plain black backgrounds. I bought poster board from the store for $1. I HATE seeing everything behind my aquarium.
  9. I second the Black Blasting Sand from Tractor Supply. I used Safe T Sorb also from Tractor Supply. (Looks more natural to me.) Either way make sure you clean the HECK out of it.
  10. 55 gallon, half soil (rear half) capped with Safe T Sorb (from Tractor Supply, HAS TO BE CLEANED ALOT). Top Fin 55 gallon starter kit. (plus top fin 20 filter) Hood lights on a timer for 5hrs. I use Flourish on Monday and Leaf Zone on Friday. Just started the leaf zone because I think I have potassium deficiency. Any opinions, help or advice is welcome
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