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  1. I think that you may be right, I have be keeping my shades closed but I may need to get black out shades
  2. I am fairly new to the hobby, started back in October of 2020 after a 30 year hiatus. I did everything wrong . I had no idea about a cycled tank , lost a couple of fish. So grateful I found aquarium co op I have learned so much. I added plants to my first tank , I bought easy green as well , my tank turned green , my parameters are ok and my fish are doing good, I am still struggling-with my green tank. I do water changes every 10 days. I remember seeing a video saying sometimes we stress seeing algae & a green tank but if everything is ok try not to over correct. That is what I did in the being , water changes almost every day & it didn’t make things better. So I am learning patience, I hope this helps, don’t give up fish keeping ❤️
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