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  1. In several of the Aquarium co-op videos, Dean is referred to as a “master breeder” and Cory is referred to a a “master aquatic horticulturist”. Are these some kind of official certifications? Or, are these more casual titles?
  2. @Goldie BlueI am in Fort Worth and recently joined the DFW Aquarium Association. I met some of them at Aquashella and on facebook. The website is not great https://dfwaa.org/members/packages/ I think the next event is in February.
  3. I've seen those videos. They don't answer my specific question.
  4. I have a Fluval 3.0 48 in light on a 55 gallon tank. what I want to know is: is there a way to look at your settings (percent of brightness of each color) and determine the PAR number at a given depth.
  5. Thank you all for the comments. Do you think these leaves will perk back up with corrections to water chemistry and fertilizer? Or, should I prune them back and wait for new growth?
  6. I have two Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green that have taken a turn. I've had them for about three months. They initially went through the typical melt and them started growing into really nice plants. The first picture is from a couple of weeks ago. The second is from today. If it's not clear in the photos, today they look sort of wilted, darker green a kind of shinny. What could cause this? Water parameters measured today: Ammonia: 0 ppm; Nitrites: 0 ppm; Nitrates: 25 ppm; GH: 25 ppm; KH: 0 ppm pH: 6.4; Temp 77.5 F
  7. I'm pretty sure that if my GH were actually 300 ppm, my Discus would have died.
  8. So, I've been using API 5 in 1 test strips for a while. I recently got some 6 in 1 strips from Aquarium Co-op. Today, I tested and my GH was 300 ppm. It's normally 30 ppm. So, I looked in the API can and found one last lonely test strip, tested my water and ... 30 ppm. I tested again with the Aquarium Co-op strip and got 300 ppm again. All the other tests on the strip are reasonably well matched. Has anyone else run across this?
  9. ok, this is making a little more sense now. Thank you, Bobbie!
  10. So, it sounds like there's two separate things going on here: 1 - The nitrogen cycle, which I understand well enough. and 2 - plant maturity, which I understand less. I can't see that the nitrogen cycle would dictate how much light you give your plants. And, how can you tell if your plants are rooting well, aside from digging them up every week or so? Sorry if I'm rambling.
  11. When reading about planted tanks, I hear the terms "New Tank" and "Established Tank" a lot. Or, sometimes, "new" and "established" referring to an individual plant. Are these term well defined at all? I read or hear things like: "Algae growth is normal in a new tank but will subside when the plants are established." "Reduce the intensity of the lighting in when plants are new and increase it when they are established" How can you tell if a tank or individual plant is established? And, are there more phases or stages to planted tank growth than these two?
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