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  1. Tanks look great! I want to try out this style of filtration too. I will definitely be following this thread. Keep updating your progress please.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I’ve used ug filters many years ago but always with high flow. I’m thinking now about doing the plenum with low flow as was recommended by Dr. Novak. Has it worked for you tonyjuliano? I was also wondering if a small bcb could be made out of a filter bag? Or does it need to be a hard plastic mesh? I wonder if it could be placed in the tank instead of a sump or canister filter?
  3. Has anyone tried and had success with undergravel anoxic filter as described by Dr. Novak? He uses the ug filter but cuts down the lift tube to reduce flow. This low flow of water through the substrate consisting of layers of clay, iron, and gravel, is enough to deplete the o2 enough for anoxic conditions. The bacteria that thrive in anoxic conditions can successfully complete the nitrogen cycle and reduce nitrates and phosphorous. I thing I want to give it a try. I was just wondering if anyone has tried this method of filtration and if it actually works? Any tips? Any thing I should avoid? Thank you
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