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  1. Not recently, but I used to watch Naruto, Bleach, Samurai Champloo (personal all time favorite), and Blood+, and Cowboy Beebop. Eureka Seven, and Inuyasha, Death Note, and Soul Eater.
  2. That's the ph out of the tap. only thing added is dechlorinate solution.
  3. My water's ph is around 8.4 , possibly higher but my strips show it at 8.4 I've had 1 blue wag platy in a quarantine tank for about 3 weeks. He seems to be okay with the high ph on Saturday I bought 6 green corydoras and another blue wag platy and added them to the tank. 4 of the corydoras and the new platy died in like 48 hours. The first platy and 2 of the corys are still alive. Should I try to lower the ph for the 2 corys left? I read they need lower ph but don't know if lowering it now will kill them.
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