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  1. Yep that was my fast growing addition hopefully help get it balanced some!
  2. Hello all, I wanted to post back and let everyone know that without the sound advice and kind folks here I would probably have lost my tank. I have done all the things mentioned, water changes every week 50% added more plants as well as re-planted the baby anub in one of the planters from aquariumcoop! it looks amazing by the way.. and I added some fast growing plants. Also adjusted the lighting to what was recommended all I can say is this saved my tank and my sanity see the pics of what everyone one else in this community did for me!
  3. I did a water change today 50% this time and waited around an hour and took another test this is what I got. I will continue like you guys said once a week do the change test the water for the nitrate till I can get to the correct levels thanks again. Also I will pick some more plants up like Jungle Fan mentioned!
  4. Ok sounds good thank you again very much very helpful! I was going to ask one more thing on the lights, Here is the settings I ended up with using the custom settings do these look ok?
  5. The water change was probably 3 weeks ago and once a week I add the fertilizer
  6. Here is the test results do I need to run the regular ph test or high in this photo is the high one also the nitrate has 2 test I ran the first one
  7. I’ll give it a shot with the light and I will run a test to on the water tomorrow and post back here!
  8. Ok all thank you I will try these suggestions and hopefully post back in a few weeks with some results!
  9. Oh I forgot to add that! It is a Fluval Plant 3.0 LED light Fluval Light I have it on a auto cycle of 8hr starting at 6:00 am to 2:00 pm
  10. No carbon media in the filter it was modified from a video co-op had on how to make the filter better, I added some of their bio rings and used the default sponge filters that come with the canister so basically it has a carbon layer on one of the trays top that was removed to give more flow according to the video. I do have some carbon if I need to add it I bought some from co-op. Let me get a list from the shipment of the plant types... Thank you all for your replies! I feel some hope!
  11. I have some liquid fertilizer I bought from co-op I put once a week 2 pumps for 20 gal it says. No root tabs, what is OK balance I can run like a water test I have a kit I bought just not sure what to add or not 🙂
  12. Hi all, I am new (probably how most these start right?) any way this is my second tank the first tank I had was like a 10 gallon, then I moved to a 20 gallon thinking it would be easier to maintain since the original tank I had was taken over by mass algae or something. So this is like the third set of plants I have bought for this tank and the first time they died to like a blueish algae, second time was probably from me trying to clean the algae off the plants via a mention in an article and also using some erythromycin (I bought some tabs from here) to dose the tank. So now this is the third set and I started with a fresh water change and no algae that I could see... also a filter change, so this is 2 weeks in with the new plants and I think I am done lol, I don't know what to do to fix these please see pics and really I just want an easy tank so if it means just fake plants I guess I can do that I am just not sure how to have a tank that is easy to maintain (This is my fault for thinking it would be easy its just fish right?) ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated good or bad comments 🤣
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