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  1. @Patrick_Gfrom nose to tail she was probably 6-6.5" maybe 7. absolutely stunning. my friend that works at the fish store didn't see her the other day, so i think she may have been bought by someone else! but thats ok, I hope she has a good home.
  2. @StanFI think it is mostly smooth skin with a few scales, that is exactly how she looked in person! The owner only wanted $50 for her and I thought that was way too cheap with how beautiful she is. Having a hard time not buying a tank for this beauty.
  3. I was of the opinion for my tank that water changes were not as necessary as they really were when I got some more sensitive fish, Dwarf CPO crayfish and otocinclus catfish. Along with my 2 dwarf gouramis and 18 neon tetras in a 20 gal long tank. I have it decked out with plants so the parameters were always pristine, for months I only topped it off and the fish were super happy. After a while the ph dropped to much and the crayfish died, and then one day I decided to do a regular 30% water change to get built poop out and after that I ph shocked my Otos and they died. I think if I just did weekly water changes at 20-25% I could have kept them all successfully, but I also got really depressed and "didnt feel it was necessary". Now the only ones left of the original stocking are my dwarf gouramis and neons, seeing as they are much hardier fish. So dont overstock your tank, and dont let the ph fluctuate too much, regular water changes are the best way to control ph. So in my opinion, yes, they are necessary.
  4. Hello! I know most of my goldfish breeds but I just cannot seem to place this beautiful fish that caught my eye at the fish store the other day. The owner said she was a ryukin but I don't believe him, seeing as she doesn't really have an upper hump at all. Is she a fantail or veil tail? Or something I'm just not seeing? She didn't really look like an oranda to me... Thank you all!
  5. Hey all, so I am currently keeping 17 neon tetras in a 20g long with a large MTS and a huge recent bloom in bladder snails. I've had the neons for about 2 weeks. I haven't lost a single one and they are fattening up pretty nicely, I want to go ahead and add a male/female pair of Dwarf Mexican CPO Crayfish, I absolutely love how cute and small they are and have heard they are very peaceful but sometimes act out. I have a planted aquarium and some of my plants have decent growth, the others are still getting settled in, but it will be densely planted eventually. I just really don't want anything to happen to my sweet little neons and I want to add some cardinals and possibly a betta. Has anyone had any experience keeping CPO's with neons or other small peaceful mid-lower dwelling fish? P.S. my filter is a marina slim S20 HOB filled to the brim with bio balls and some sponge media and cheese cloth.
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