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  1. I’ve noticed that someone is nibbling the tips of the leaves on my S. repens. I’m guessing it’s one of the SAE or Otos. I haven’t caught any of them in the act. Has anyone seen this before with these fish and what can I do to prevent it? (btw, the Oto in the image is not actually touching the leaves, it’s just the perspective)
  2. I ordered a UV sterilizer to tackle the immediate problem, but I obviously have an unbalanced tank. I’ll start with lowering the light time even more since the light is a 50W LED floodlight. Thanks for everyone’s input!
  3. Lights are on for 6.5 hours each day. No exposure to direct sunlight
  4. So it does appear to have a green tint when in a white container. Do I just black out the tank for a week to kill off the green water? Concerned for the plants if I do that...
  5. Pretty sure this is a bacterial bloom and that I caused it by foolishly doing 20% water changes over the course of 4 days (that’s a separate story). It looks green because of the plants, so it’s not green water. The setup is 5 months old and I’ve not had this happen before. From what I read I simply need to wait for it to clear up and not to do any large water changes because that will prolong it. Is that right? Parameters: Amm = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 10 pH = 7.5
  6. I’ve got a 5 gal quarantine tank with 8 fish that I’m using the med trio on right now, but I’m wondering if I can safely treat my display tank (40 gal hex) with paracleanse. I’ve never treated or quarantined any of the fish in my display tank before and would like to start with a clean slate when I move my quarantined fish to that tank by proactively treating for tapeworms. I watched Cory’s video about using the med trio and just am not clear if I can do this with my display tank. Confused!
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