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  1. Hi all, I know that you're not supposed to feed your fish while doing a treatment with the Med Trio, or any of the medications, but what about if you are treating with salt? I plan on doing about an aquarium salt treatment on one of my ranchu goldfish (in a QT tank) for probably about a week to start and am wondering if I can feed him during that time and do water changes to keep the water clean. I am aware of the dosing requirements with salt and water changes (aka salt doesn't evaporate, etc). Thank you!
  2. Hi all! It seems I can't keep keep plants alive in sand to save my life. I'm having particular trouble with stem plants and crypts. Honestly, the only stem plants I've had any success with are bacopa and moneywort-- both grown in gravel. In this particular tank where I'm having trouble I use a course-ish sand (the kind from petco) and root tabs. I also dose easy green. I plant the stems a few inches in the substrate. So far they have all rotted in the sand and up the stem. My crypts have also died off, first getting holes and then kind of withering. I have medium light on for about 6-8 hours a day. The tank parameters are PH 6.4, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate ~5. Temp between 76-78. Heavily stocked 20 long with very clean water. Any advice? I grow vallisneria great in there but that's about it.
  3. Hi all; main question, can I treat with Maracyn and aquarium salt at the same time? I know you can with Ich X but can't find info on Maracyn. Here's the deal: I've got a ranchu with an injury caused by another larger ranchu tankmate. He's either bitten(?) or mouthed at him hard enough to cause a significantly large raised bump on the smaller one's side. The bump is squishy and somewhat bloody under the skin with the scales over it pineconing. Today he is losing some of the scales on the bump as well. He's been in a hospital tank since last Wednesday with little improvement. Hospital tank and original tank water are both pristine. I've been treating the hospital tank with 1 Tb aquarium salt/2 gallons and applying Hydrogen peroxide to the wound 1 to 3 times a day for the last 2 days. Any recommendations? Thanks! Emily
  4. Do you take fish returns? Say you buy a fish bring it home and come to realize it's not a good fit for your set-up, is it possible to bring it back?
  5. This may be a dumb question, but when you post new fish for the week are they available now or are they in quarantine? Thanks!
  6. HOW DO I UPLOAD A PICTURE?? It says "insert image from URL" but that doesn't make sense to me...I'm sorry I'm the worst. Tank: 75 gallon Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 20 ph: 7.2-7.4, trying to get it up temp: 64-68 throughout day JUST moved from 40 gallon to the 75, tank mate is larger ranchu and white clouds. Help! Does anyone know what a lump on my ranchu's "shoulder" could be? It appeared out of nowhere yesterday evening and at first it was just a lump--didn't look like there was blood underneath. Well, overnight it got HUGE and is definitely filled with blood. It's squishy, not hard at all. The scales are slightly popped out over the bump just due to the size of it I think. Originally it looked exactly like when you hit your head and get a goose egg. Now it looks just like a hematoma, but I don't know if that's a thing for fish. The larger ranchu has been chasing him and mouthing on him recently, I don't know if that could have caused this. Otherwise, I can't imagine him running into anything hard enough to cause a hematoma. I am at a loss of how to treat -- so far he's in a hospital tank and I've given him an epsom salt bath. Has anyone seen anything like this before??
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