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  1. About two weeks ago I got a little excited and purchased a bunch of guppies to add to my guppy fish tank, well to make a long story short, I have now lost 6 of those guppies to what I’m pretty sure is a nasty case of Columnaris, this morning I woke up to another one of my little guys showing some areas of discoloration on his back, he is still his happy little self but I KNOW WHATS COMING 😩, I’m on the second round of Kanaplex, Furan-2 and aquarium salt(1tbsp per 3 gallons), I don’t know what else to do! I’m losing hope! Has anyone out there beaten this disease?
  2. Elle

    Need help!

    Hi thank you, I attached a picture of the injured guppy, he doesn’t appear to have fin rot or any other injuries other then the whole mouth being gone. Everyone else seems to be doing good so far. this is the treatment I followed: the first day I used Cory’s quarantine trio the third day I used a second dose of paracleanse because they were having white poops, also added a little aquarium salt( 1tbsp per 3 gallons) today I’m on the fifth day, I’m going to do a water change but not sure I should use antibiotics or fungal meds. im afraid all my other guys might now be infected.
  3. Elle

    Need help!

    Hello, I’m new here and new to community tanks. Last weekend I happened to stop at my local Petco and the fish were on sale, so I did what any fish lover would do and bought a total of 12 new guppies from different stores to add to my 20 gallon guppy tank. I’m on my 5th day of quarantine, a guppy died yesterday and this morning I woke up to a guppy missing his whole mouth, I mean the whole mouth top and bottom, I can’t believe another guppy would cause such damage, what disease can cause a fish’s face to disintegrate? I’m on my way to the pharmacy to buy clove oil(poor little guy must be in horrible pain), but I wonder what should I do to treat the rest of the tank just in case they are infected.
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