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  1. I think that a stable tank its a lot better than an unstable tank with the books parameters. Soo maybe thats the key to success
  2. I love this country, it has a lot of nature Tranks Daniel, I´m trying to breed this. I breeded hybrids in the past but now im trying with the wild ones. I got this from Colombia and i love them. In my opinion wild ones have a lot of character and are very sociable in comparation with hybrids, they dont hide and always are looking for food.
  3. Hi, im from Costa Rica. I´m 23 years old and i study Management of Natural Resources here in Costa Rica. I have been in the aquarium hobby since i was 9 years old. I started with african cichlid when i was 10 and realize that i was doing everything wrong. I discoverd my local forum and started to learned about the fishhkeeping hobby.I loved going to conventions and learned from the experience of other hobbiest, I found Aquarium Co op in 2015 with the video of plecos breeding caves , i follow the channel since then. This are my discus, i got inspired by Deans discus
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