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  1. I have two questions, The more prevalent issue is that I want to get some Amno Shrimp for my 20 gal, the current PH is 8.0 and should be able to get adjusted with some leaves but he KH is very high around 14-15. I want to know should I just adjust for the Ph or do I need to change the KH first. I do understand that KH is what helps prevent large changes in PH but I figured since my PH only needs a small change, I would be able to adjust the ph without worrying about KH for the shrimp. The second question is that after this winter break I want to move my tank to university with me but I am not sure what the best method of transporting the tanks would be it is a 5 hour total drive. Any ideas welcome.
  2. I am attempting to figure out the feeding preferences of Ornate box turtles and was wondering if anyone with experience keeping them could provide examples of what they feed their own Box Turtles? Thanks.
  3. yes I am though not sure if I should start fertilizing with easy green immediately. The plants were put in about 1hr 30 mins ago and there are root tabs.
  4. Just started my first planted tank!! I have put a pice of frozen shrimp in the back to provide ammonia for the cycle, and will be ordering bottled bacteria soon.
  5. Thanks for the info, and yeah the Honey is something I wanted to keep as a centerpiece however, as this is a 10 gal and will have plants it will be good as a Neon tetra community tank with some cherry shrimp rather than a single Honey.
  6. So I am starting a new planted tank and am planning to keep some Neon Tetras, and a single Honey Gourami as a center pice. When I tested my tap water today after dechlorinating it I have a pH: 8.2, kH: 14 , and gH: 3. From what I have researched the gH should be fine but I am not too sure about the pH and kH as I think I want the pH to be around 6~7. Any insight is welcome, Thanks.
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