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  1. I started adding easy green last week and we will see what happens over the next month.
  2. No I do not. I have some easy green but have never used it. Originally this java moss came from a clump in my 20L which is still doing well (dark green with light green new growth at the tips). Edit: That was a pretty heavily stocked tank though and the nitrate levels were higher.
  3. I setup a 40 gallon breeder in August with a clump of java moss and some potted sagittaria. The java moss doubled in size but over the past two months I have noticed large sections of brown with new growth in random places. I have a Planted 3.0 running 14 hours a day at full power. Last week I reduced it to 8 hours at 60%. There is also a bit of green hair algae in it. Hopefully that will be reduced with the new light schedule. If you have any recommendations please let me know. I can provide more info as well.
  4. I setup a few tanks with fish in them. Its been a riot so far. Except, I am going to post about my Java moss which is turning brown. Here is a picture of my 40 breeder. Right now it has a pair of super red BN plecos, 8 Limia Perugia and fry from both of them. I cannot get the photo to attach right side up. Hope everyone had a good weekend, Vince
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