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  1. Super funny you’re posting about these guys now! I have 6 of them I ordered to my LFS that came in today and will be ready to take home Friday. I’m a little concerned though because they are tiny little guys (.5”-1” max) and I was expecting them to be much larger (the size of the other pseudomugils they stock). They’ll be going in a pretty heavily planted 20 gallon with a few guppies. I have had an awesome experience with my red dwarf Lilly bulb from aquarium co-op if you’re looking for an easy plant that gives surface cover. I have to remove 1-2 pads per week if not more to allow light to reach the rest of my plants!
  2. Well this is good to know! I’ll take that as a good sign the plants are happy. My tank has only been set up for a couple months (recently getting back in the hobby) and I’ve literally never been able to keep plants alive, let alone growing. Easy green and co-op root tabs seem to be doing the trick!
  3. Hi, First post here. I have a plant that I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. With that said, it’s sort of Amazon sword-esque. It is growing small leaves out of the tips of the existing ones, so I’m wondering if I can just cut these off to propagate the plant? I’ve included a photo but it’s hard to capture. Thanks for any help!
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