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  1. Thanks for all that info! It will be my first ever sump and my plan was to try a refugium so it’s good to hear it works well for you. Your fish looks amazing! 👍
  2. I ordered the tank in the end. It’s arriving next Wednesday. Hopefully it’ll be ok for him. I’ll upgrade him in the future if necessary.
  3. Hi everyone. I’ve been reading tons of articles online about Fahaka puffers and as always I’m seeing lots of conflicting info on recommended tank size. I’m in the UK so don’t have the same standard size tanks as you have in the US but I’m looking at having a custom tank built for him. I have space for a 4x2x2 and I’m thinking I’ll have a sump. Can anyone who has experience of keeping these fish tell me if that will be a large enough tank long term? Thanks
  4. This is Ralph my Staffordshire bull terrier cross.
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