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  1. That would be so nice of You. I have no idea how it works nowadays. But a simple letter should be quite easy, I hope. Do You have PayPal?
  2. Hi. I wonder if there is anyone kind enough to maybe help me with an issue. I live in Sweden, an collect Zebra Plecos, and stuff about it. I would like a couple of the stickers availiable at the Co-op, but since they don´t ship to Sweden I have to try this way. 🙂
  3. Thanks. Its mostly for juveniles. A beginning for additional groups I hope. The adults live next to my bed. In a Juweltank. Will post a pic someday soon. 😊
  4. They are quite small. In gallons around 32.
  5. Upper tank: Zebraplecos. Middle tank: Corydoras Pygmaeus. L034, Neoheterandria Elegans and Cherry Shrimp. Lower tank: Corydoras Eques and Corydoras Napoensis. The electrics are going through changes 🤪
  6. Hope to enjoy some great talk and reading here. 😊
  7. My group had a bunch since february. 😊
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