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Found 6 results

  1. I know Aquarium Co-op still doesn't ship internationally so was just wondering, does anyone know how much it would cost (ballpark figure) to get a box shipped from the US to the UK? Anyone ever posted internationally before? There's a bunch of Co-op products I really want 😭 haha so was wondering if it was even feasible to get a friend to get them and ship them to me.
  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to get a thread going to learn all about my new fishy friends here! What countries is everyone from? What's the scene like where you are? From the UK here, Kent in South East England (any locals?). My local scene turned out to be a hidden gem. When I got into the hobby early this year I had no idea, I didn't know anyone that treated it as a hobby, at most people just kept a few fish in non planted tanks without knowing or caring a whole lot (not in a horrible way just not into it in the same way we are). I found YouTube channels and online groups like this one and didn't think many people outside of these would 'get it'. Turns out I was wrong, there's a huge number of hobbyists, breeders, local shops, local Facebook groups, buy and sell or swap groups etc. A big ol' hidden community of Nerms I never knew about and most people don't realise exists (and I've been recommending Aquarium Co-op to any who will listen!). Just the other week I bought a couple of tanks from someone on Facebook a 5 minute drive from my house and it turns out he had a whole amateur Endler Live Bearer line breeding project going in his fish shed with some really lovely fish and he offered me some of the huge number of fry he had for free after we got chatting (isn't it great when you find someone to nerd out with?) unfortunately I didn't have the room for them yet so had to turn his offer down but I thought it was a good sign of a friendly community. What is everyone else's experiences? Anyone from US or elsewhere ever visit the UK or have plans to? Especially if you're visiting Kent. I love the idea of making some international friends! If they ever hold a fishkeeping convention or event nearby I'll happily put someone up.
  3. Hope to enjoy some great talk and reading here. 😊
  4. Greetings from Istanbul/Turkey(I am probably the only member 🙂). I am a newbie. Wanted to be in the hobby for a long time, Thanks to Cory and his videos, decided to pull the trigger. Statred with a 55, basic plants, 20 Cardinal tetras,15 rasboras and 8 panda corydoras. And I am warning you might ask a lot of questiıons 😁 Happy to be here . PS: Wish we were able to shop from co-op
  5. Hello all, My name is Ruud and I am a fish nerd from Spain. I am originally Dutch, but moved here around 4 years ago and left behind my tanks and fish in Netherlands. After a hiatus of a few years, and moving places quite a lot, I am now actually looking to find a house where I can setup a small fishroom of maybe a dozen tanks or so. Over the past years, Cory's channel has been my way of enjoying the hobby and I especially enjoyed the daily Vlog series (sadly they seemed to have gone from Youtube), The Peru series and off course Deans Fishroom videos. Anyway, hoping to enjoy and contribute here from a country that is not too friendly with this hobby (Very hard water, very limited supply of fish). All the best from Spain, Ruud
  6. I live abroad and the Pet shops nearby don't have a wide selection of things and often what they do have is of inferior quality. Thus, certain items I might only be able to get online. Example: I went to at least 3 or 4 pet shops looking for a sponge filter. None of the stores had one (or even knew what I was talking about) other than one place that had ancient sponge filters of inferior quality (see attached pictures). I, therefore, need to shop online. Although I would LOVE to make "Aquarium Co-Op" my place to shop online, they unfortunately don't ship internationally as of yet. 😞 Does anyone have any suggestions for online shopping for people that live abroad? I have an Amazon account, but some items are either expensive or not available. Examples: Cory advises us to use a sponge filter with large pores. The only one I could find on Amazon is almost twice as much as Cory sells them for (and frankly I think theirs are of inferior quality to his). To ship a small sponge filter to me will call almost $24 after shipping! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0855DSMB9/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A2TK7JJDLK8CXM&psc=1 That is why I am turning to you guys for suggestions for online shopping that ships internationally.
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