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  1. Those baffles are awesome, I wanted something like this but didn't know what to search for. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone on here has ever modified a HOB filter output so that it deposits water more in a fan shape instead of a direct waterfall dump into a tank? The filter I am using on my planted 10 gallon works very well in filtering and keeping the tank aerated as it is intended for a larger tank, but because of its size it produces a lot of current that sweeps forward and smashes into the glass. This creates an area of flow in my tank that my cherry barbs have to work really hard in and therefore, they do not like going in that area very much. I would like them to be swimming around the whole tank more instead of close towards the bottom on only one side. I shifted the filter from the right side to the middle position and they really did not seem to like that so I put it back to where it was before. My thought would be that somehow modifying the output area to fan the water out and distribute it across a greater surface area would maybe achieve a different result in the tank. What do you guys think? Any ideas or suggestions?
  3. I think you are right! Thank you so much. I thought it might be a killifish because of its body shape but couldn’t find any that looked like it.
  4. Hello, haven’t posted for awhile but I need help identifying this fish that was sold to me as a cherry barb, which it clearly isn’t. I am having troubling finding it anywhere on the web. It’s about ~2in long. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, my glass has some serious green spot algae on it.
  5. Wow that is young, thanks for the information. Now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna do with all these shrimp soon 😅.
  6. Hello everyone, My shrimp tank has been doing outstandingly since I set it up months ago and have a very active population of blue jelly shrimp and lots of snails, my question is can young female shrimp produce viable offspring or do they just produce non-fertilized eggs? I have only ever seen full grown adults produce eggs in pictures of other shrimp, but almost every female in my colony has eggs right now, even the young ones. I started this tank in October and a couple of the blue jellies came with eggs already, these are offspring from those adults. It seems to me that they would not be old enough to reproduce yet, maybe I am wrong though?
  7. Hello all, I have a 10 gallon shrimp and snail planted tank that is doing really well. Because of this my ramshorn and some hitchhiker bladder snails have laid a lot of eggs and now there are baby snails everywhere. I remember watching a Co Op video about this where Cory talks about their population fluctuating with available food, now if that is true, then what happens if they cannot feed and all these small snails begin to die? Is this going to mess up my water parameters? Will my other snails and shrimp just scavenge the carcasses? Is this something to be worried about? Any information would be awesome!
  8. Endler's may be a nice choice, any that aren't super showy? Sounds weird but the reason I like zebra danios is because they are subtly pretty, not in your face brightly colored, always liked drabber freshwater fish lol.
  9. The water is cold, I would say in the mid sixties, I was thinking about white clouds potentially. Will they predate shrimp (Neocaridina) because I might be interested in adding some of those as well.
  10. Hello everyone, new to the forum, can anyone recommend some fish that can live with mystery snails in a cold water aquarium that WON'T bite off their antenna? I have a planted 10 gallon with 6 zebra danio and 2 mystery snails and they like to nip the antenna and I feel bad for the little guys, so I would like to find another schooling fish that might fit nicely. Water is harder with a ph closer to 8 than 6 and cold as I stated before. I like cyprinids but is there any that will be nicer than zebra danio?
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