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  1. Great thanks so much for the answer, I will try that. He did seem to look better when I moved him to the separate tank and I added tannins to it. Can I ask what the aquarium salt would be good for? When I first though it was popeye and treating for that it seemed a lot of people warned that aquarium salt could exasperate it (vs the epsom salt I've been using thus far). I will ask my vet as well, have another appointment with them coming up anyway so I'll see if they have any suggestions then.
  2. I've been trying to treat my Betta for "Popeye" for a while using Epsom salt baths (Canada, no meds) but it didn't seem to really be doing anything. As his "Popeye" got worse, it began to look more and more like it's actually a bubble underneath the eye that's pushing it up? And after getting these pictures I'm actually wondering if this is a tumor, or something completely different than Popeye. It was really bad at one point so I moved him to a spare, clean tank, at which point it almost immediately deflated... But now it's growing again. He eats, swims, etc all normally and besides having a bit of a Blindspot now, he seems to be the same as always. Hes in a separate tank so parameters are all 0, changing out 50% water every day when I give him his salt baths. Ph is 8, temp is 80F.
  3. I currently have a Fluval Flex 9gal sitting on the top shelf an Ikea's Fjallbo Shelf Unit, which you can view here for reference: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/fjaellbo-shelf-unit-black-50339292/ I've had it up and running since roughly early October 2020, so pretty much 2 years now, and it's been sturdy the whole time. The site lists the weight limit as "Max load/shelf: 75 lb", so I'm guessing that's 75lb per shelf. I'd love to get my 5gal up and running, and was contemplating if it would be okay on the middle shelf, underneath and opposite end of the shelf from where the other tank is. For those of you who would have a better idea of these things, does that sound safe to you, or do you think that would just be tempting fate? Thanks!
  4. In general I REALLY like Fluval Bug bites, for many reasons, but one is definitely that it's great for this kind of tank. I feed a variety but for this specifically you could use their tropical granules. It floats on the surface when first added. My furcata rainbowfish love darting up to snatch the food, causing other pellets to begin sinking which then my midlevel swimmers go after. Anything that falls to the bottom is then hoovered up by my corydoras. Great food, good ingredients, and works well to feed all levels of the tank.
  5. Do regular ramshorns eat plants? I'm noticing a LOT of hole issues in my plants, even though I add liquid fertilizers and root tabs, and I'm getting a bit paranoid it's possibly my ramshorn snails. I have A LOT of babies and while I don't mind them in the tank, I'm wondering if due to their population, some might be starving and turning to my plants instead? I have a smaller Betta tank that has worse light, worse substrate and very little fertilizer being added and none of the plants look like this (only have one ramshorn in there, since I directly feed the Betta there's no other food for any babies to eat so I haven't noticed any more growing). So for you experts: does this look like snail munching or just poor ferts? (In case anyone is curious, other stocking in the tank includes: corydoras, red neon blue eyed rainbowfish, ember tetras, furcata rainbowfish, and shrimp)
  6. I don't have one yet BUT I want to do a cold water river tank in the future so some ideas I researched: - White cloud mountain minnows (along with other similar minnow species) - Ricefish - Danios (like celestial Pearl Danios, zebra Dannios, etc) - I think salt & pepper corys are good with cooler temperatures but not 100% on this yet
  7. Thank you so much! I'll give this a try 😊
  8. Noticed this morning one of my pseudomugil females slightly pale and hanging out right at the surface of the water. It's been half the day and she suddenly started turning upside down and swimming in frantic circles to right herself up. Moved her to a separate container (which is where the picture was taken). PH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5-10 Temp: 74F All the rest of the fish are acting just fine. Only differences I can think of is I just did a water change last night (20%) and I did accidentally overfeed frozen daphnia yesterday. Maybe she overfed? Cause I'm thinking this is swimmer bladder? Anything I can/should do? Sadly in Canada so no meds
  9. I started with 6, 3 males and 3 females (didn't know at first about proper ratio for them, just took whatever the store gave me). It was really bad from day one so the next day I did some research and I decided to take back 1 of the males and get 3 more females, so 8 total with 2 males and 6 females. Aggression didn't stop, the males started staking out territory and attacked all other fish that came within radius to the point where all the rest of the fish in the tank were huddled in 1/3 of the tank. Eventually one female got "claimed" by a male, but if she so much as dared to look into the other male's territory he swam over to chase her, which triggered her own male who then chased her in turn and she started hiding at the bottom of the tank behind plants just to be safe. Two days later took both the males back and replaced them with females, so 8 females total now. Lasted for a few days and then... The females started becoming aggressive *sigh* All in all I'd still like to try wcmm again in the future, in perhaps a larger/longer tank, but for whatever reason they just did not work out in my 20g.
  10. I'm starting to learn that fish keeping is a lot of trial and error. No matter how much information you absorb, actually doing the thing is what's going to matter. Ex: A month or so ago I got some white cloud mountain minnows for my 20g tank. Literally everywhere I read & videos I watched said how peaceful they are, they're such great community fish, etc etc. Well, those fish were absolute TERRORS in my tank. They were incredibly territorial, constantly went after one another as well as the other fish in the tank, and just constantly seemed to be aggressive. While they weren't necessarily hurting one another, it was literally chasing from one end of the tank to the other, and around again. Had tons of hardscape and plants for sight-line division and just... Yeah. Suffice to say I ended up rehoming them lol. So my experience just happened to go against what everyone else claimed about that kind of fish, so if someone were to ask about wcmm, I'd have a completely different opinion than other people based on my own personal experience. I think you gotta just take in as many opinions and information as you can, and then make the best choice you can, all while knowing you might have to end up changing things anyway.
  11. Thank you! Can't get Ich X but it looks like I might be able to get methylene blue. Right now I have the fish in a tank with salt & some indian almond leaves. I'll try the garlic guard as well, thank you 🙂 Do you know when I should be seeing improvements (if he's going to improve)?
  12. I currently have one of my ember tetras in a 5gal quarantine tank. It looked to have the beginnings of cotton mouth, and I'm pretty sure it's one of my new fish recently added. I decided to separate it because it was the only one showing signs of this, plus it was in a planted tank and I read you can try to use aquarium salt to get rid of cotton mouth without meds (in Canada). My worry is that he's now not eating in the quarantine tank. Swims around a bit but mostly stays in one place and apparently has no appetite. It's been a couple days now already. I'm really stressed out that in the process of trying to keep the sick fish quarantined, it's going to end up dying of starvation anyway. Anyone have any tips on what I could do?
  13. I personally wouldn't do a betta with corys. Some people might say I'm wrong but remember that bettas require temperature at around 80F and most cory species prefer their water in the low-mid 70's range. When putting species together definitely take into account their temperature ranges
  14. Yeah I'm sorry for the bad images. They do look slightly bulged out from the body compared to the other ember tetras, which are all streamline with the body. I'll definitely try that, thank you! No need to quarantine it completely then?
  15. I have some furcata rainbowfish and neon blue eyed rainbowfish in a larger community tank with some other species as well, so needless to say even if they do eventually breed in the tank there's lots of things that can/will eat the eggs. I'm going to be getting a 5.5gal tank from a friend soon, so I was curious if I could put some of either species in the tank temporarily to try and breed them, then move them back into the larger tank again after they hopefully spawn? Or is 5.5gal just too small for them to feel comfortable spawning in? I'm not someone that wants to breed fish seriously, it's more just something experimental I was thinking of trying so thought I'd see if it was even a plausible idea or not.
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