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  1. Unfortunately I don't know anyone locally who keep shrimp, there is no aquarium club within 100 miles of me, my local fish store is a petsmart that doesn't carry shrimp either. I've checked things like Facebook marketplace and eBay for local stuff too, but i appreciate your insight on the matter!
  2. I'm wanting to start keeping shrimp but after researching I'm finding a lot of confusion on parameters. Based on my other tanks and tap water testing my ph is 6.4, kh is 0, and Gh is 150. I cannot understand why the gh is so high when the kh is 0 my understanding is that they usually are either both low or both high. I think caridina shrimp like soft water but the gh in my tap seems way to high for them and everything else seems way to soft for neocaridina shrimp. Any ideas?
  3. I appreciate the info, at the moment my other tanks are pretty capped out, I could get another tank but trying to chase the 10 small cory across a 6 ft tank would be pretty difficult I'm thinking as long as they are doing okay no need to stir the pot. I'm sure I'll find another chance to get an acara in the future, I wanted to jump on the opportunity because frankly my local options are terrible, but not worth rushing into.
  4. Thanks for sharing this, I suppose i'll be patient and see just how big my corys get. I've had bronze corys before and they took quite a while to get to full size, not sure how fast the venezualans will grow.
  5. I agree, thanks for your thoughts. I might do an apistograma instead but might just stick to the rainbows and corydora.
  6. They are orange Venezuelan corydora, the corys themselves are probably around a half inch or so right now. I think Venezuelans get to be around 2 inches, not the biggest species if I'm thinking correctly.
  7. Hello! I have a 125 gallon I started a few months ago, I've been slowly bumping up stocking numbers. It is mostly a rainbow fish tank with a mix of boesmani, turqouse, and yellows. There are also 2 bristlenose pleco and 10 venezualan corydora. I'm interested in adding an electric blue acara to the tank, and while the ones I'm able to get are small now, the corydora are tiny. Do you think a 2 inch acara would eat my corydora or grow much faster than them being a bad combo in the near future? I mostly want this to be a peaceful tank so I don't want to add the acara if it will cause problems for everyone.
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