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  1. The discus arrived 2 weeks ago. Sorry for my grammar I am talking about the fish in my discus tank My 40 gal discus tank my temperature is currently at 83 Bit on the lower end
  2. I am not planning on adding more fish. I was just curious on what fish are compatible with discus
  3. My discus has arrived. I quarantined and dosed with ich-x, maracyn, and paracleanse. It's super beatiful
  4. I have removed some of the cardinal tetras. (8) My 40 gal cracked overnight. (I live in Florida where it getting cold in the night.) I have a mostly empty 20 gal high with 1 sewellia linolata 1 red bristlenose pleco 1 CPO crayfish 2 amano shrimp It is heavily planted with vallesnira, anubias, java fern, wisiteria, tiger lotus, pearl weed, and marimo moss. Can I transfer my fish to that tank.
  5. also are these plants good with the temp Java Fern wisteria Dwarf Hairgrass
  6. I am planning to do 50% water changes weekly. The LFS near me breeds discus and they only do 50% water changes weekly , so I feel like they should be good with that. Luckily my LFS made a deal with me, that I exchange 7 Denison barbs (Roseline sharks) for a Discus. The average price for Discus near me is around 80$. Denison barbs are expensive around me. (25$ per fish) Can we also get back on track. Pls Can everyone that keeps discus with tankmates Share what tankmates they keep with their discus
  7. It is a 40 gal tall. 25 inches tall. I currently have a 55 gal cycling. According to https://forum.simplydiscus.com/showthread.php?136930-Pearl-gourami Pearl Gourami should be fine. Where I live I have soft water, and the platies used to live with GBR at 84 deg temp. I have 2 canister turtle filter that run in that tank with a HOB filter on the back. ( all are medium-low speed) I was planning to get a male. Would that be okay being alone. Dont wont to add more discus ( budget) I am more worried about the other tankmates. Could I add some Cardinal Tetras. ( 8-10)
  8. A month ago, I found a 40 gal on the side of the road. I cleaned it up and started to cycle it. After the cycling process, I added 1- Pearl Gourami 1- Swordtail 2- Sunburst platy 5- cherry barbs 3- kuhli loaches (planning to get more) 15 - Cardinal Tetras I want to add a Red Checkerboard/ Pidgeon blood discus. I have no problems with doing every other day water changes. Would the discus be compatible with my tank and what temperature should I keep it at.
  9. Dont want to rehome him Has been with me 5 years and my family love him a lot
  10. I have a 20 pound bag of gravel with which I could make a steep slope (Might be able to get the slope up to 6-8 in tall) and then add in my old sand (3 in). Also I made a mini land platform using hot glue ang popsicles sticks
  11. I used to have a 20gal brackish water tank with a single Indian Mud skipper. Recently that tank shattered, so that mud skipper is currently in a bucket. I have an other 30 gal Freshwater tank stocked with 1 - Koi angel 1- Pearl Gourami 2- Swordtail 1- Sunburst platy 5- cherry barbs 3- kuhli loaches (planning to get more) Can I temporally keep my mudskipper in this tank. Also can I use a turtle dock instead of land. The water in that tank is close to ~2 ft PS- It might be up to a year before I can get a new tank.
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