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  1. @Cory Thanks, hrm, not sure why mine is not then I am dipping once per second, for 30 seconds and then immediately reading the result, shows zero...but if I let it sit, it will start to darken around the outside edge of the strip to the color I would have expected. The videos you posted earlier in the thread showing from the lab exactly how to perform the test are no longer working, do you perhaps have a new link to that video?
  2. Hello everyone! I recently got a Fluval Flex 9 for my daughter because she looooves my tank. Stocking it with love plant trimmings from my tank, a beta, a bristlenose pleco, a trapdoor snail and prop a handful of cherry shrimp from my tank. Anyways, my question is about durability, the glass on this thing is extremely thin, meaning the seals are also extremely thin. I can literally flex the glass and see the movement in the silicone seams... Anyone ever bump one of these and have it survive? She knows it's delicate but the thinness is making me a bit nervous as it's in her bedroom. Thanks!
  3. @Cory @ARMYVET Any news here? Found this post as I am experiencing very similar issues with my strips and was trying to figure out if I just got a bad bottle. My multi strips work perfect but the ammonia ones show zero on known ammonia containing water (because is dosed it to 2ppm, also with Dr Tim's)
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