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  1. I would gladly send you mine! 🤣
  2. Yup it's definitely that. I just watched another one swim over to my hornwort. So am I gonna have these things flying around my house when they turn into a caddisfly?!
  3. Well you solved the mystery so I thank you! 😊
  4. I did take a video but it won't upload, but I think you are right, it does look like a caddisfly in the video, it looks like it is inside of that shell!
  5. No pond and my plants come from CA and KY. But that's not to say it didn't come in on them...when you get them is it like an explosion in population or is it easy to keep on top of and eliminate?
  6. Well it's been destroyed but do I likely have more??
  7. I think I'll leave mine, makes me feel like I'm at the beach 🤣
  8. Rhaboceola in my shrimp tank, correct? Not planaria?
  9. Sorry, yeah, it was a bladder snail, I just call them pest snails even though I love them lol.
  10. How long do those pest snails usually live?
  11. Pretty much what the title says...I had a pest snail that was my tanks first inhabitant, came in on plants and grew up in my tank over the last 4 months. I have RCS, 2 mystery snails and a bristlenose. Yesterday I did notice the snail looking like he was stretching his body, I didn't think anything of it, he's done it before, but today I found his empty shell, totally cleaned out. Tank mates have shown no interest in him from what I saw and all the parameters are in check. Thoughts?
  12. I also had one come in from an ACOOP plant during the cycling process! It's been awesome watching him grow and his shell form. I named him Stanley. 😁
  13. Update: I'm happy to report that as of this morning all my parameters are spot on! I listened to you guys and just left the tank alone aside of small water changes and testing, and it worked itself out! I only lost 1 shrimp due to white ring of death during this. Thank you all!
  14. Thank you everyone! I figured I'd crashed my tank a bit. I have the Aquarium Co-Op testing strips, but the ammonia ones don't even register, think I got a bad batch. The all-in-one strip echoes the API on nitrites. Would adding more beneficial bacteria help or should I just leave it alone? And yes, I will be moving the sword to another tank eventually lol!!
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