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  1. I follow her on YouTube that is actually why I went about breeding them the way I did maybe it would be good to look at a few more videos
  2. I would most definitely be interested any input is totally welcome
  3. I will try dimming the lights no eggs are in the nest currently
  4. I attempted to breed a crowntail female with a samurai male it didn't work out I tried with a different pair this time an alien female with a samurai male I conditioned them I released the female he was dancing and casually chasing her a bit then all a sudden they stopped he made a huge bubble nest they're not mating they aren't fighting they're just chilling in the tank together swimming directly by each other with no issues I am very confused on what is going on help 😅
  5. Yes he did build a bubble nest but it didn't seem to matter
  6. I was trying to breed a female crowntail to a male long finned samurai betta I tried to condition them with high protein food slowly introducing them first in cups then in a tank with a divider letting them check each other out and get used to each other they seemed very interested in one another but after a good while of conditioning them I let the female into the tank after feeding them some bloodworms beforehand my female crowntail started to chase my male samurai I realize that it is normal for bettas to fuss at each other but once she calmed down my male samurai started to charge her and ram her he bit her tail and ripped out a piece it got to the point where she tried to jump out of the tank so I removed her for her safety I am new to this I haven't bred bettas for at least 10 years the last time I did it went very smoothly with no problems like this at all and that breeding pair was with a male crowntail and a solid red hmpk I'm not sure what to do any advice would be very appreciated
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