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  1. I wouldn't think so. There's an outlet near by that has a tiny green led light on it, but I don't think that would do it.
  2. Perhaps a little, but no direct light at all. It's roughly 8' from the window and the denser algae growth is on the opposite side of the tank as the window.
  3. Please ignore the olive oil in the background lol, the tank is on our kitchen counter at the moment. I have had this tank for a few months now, and recently got the Hygger full spectrum light, which I think is when this started. I had been having issues setting up the DIY schedule on it, so left it on it's other day/night cycle that includes blue light at night times. I've heard that blue light can cause algae growth to boom, but I did not expect this! Water tests fine, and the Betta I had in it seemed fine as well *I have moved him to his other tank for the time being now*, but I would really like to get this under control. It has taken root mostly on the right side(more light exposure) and has completely covered the Amazon Sword on that side. Is there a way to treat this issue without potentially killing the plants inside? I only have a few mystery snails in it at this time, but was thinking about maybe getting a couple Oto's and some shrimp for it, but I have no idea if it's too late for that. Please help? TIA
  4. Hello all! Just started my first fresh water aquarium with live plants! Looking for any tips, and confirmation on something. Is it really about as easy as using the liquid fertilizer once a week? Below is a screen grab of what I've ordered that will be the beginning of a new home for a Betta fish.
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