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  1. So in doing the 50/50 mixture, would using this mix each week for 10% water changes change what’s already in the tank too much? I’m trying to avoid shock & losing any more of my shrimp.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions! I was thinking about using Salty Shrimp. One question though…how do ai know what parameters should be my “goal” to work toward?
  3. Someone in my local aquarium group said “the shrimp you begin your tank with aren’t the shrimp that establish your colony…it’s their babies that establish your colony.” I just hope I can keep the 3 berried females happy & healthy until then!!!
  4. Everyone keeps saying that cherry shrimp are hardy, but I’ve lost quite a few! First, I battled hydra & now I’m guessing it’s having such a small tank & trying to control any major instabilities with the 10% water changes each week. I’d prefer to do no water changes, but I have an outbreak of daphnia & ostracods so I need to keep the tank clean.
  5. As for treated, I’m referring to dechlorinated. the parameters are below: pH - 7.8 Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 5.0 kH - 6 gH - 18 If I start to use RO & remineralize, I’m confused about how to do it slowly and getting the right parameters with the water I already have in the tank.
  6. I am new to the shrimp keeping hobby and have watched my 15 shrimp dwindle to 11 in a few weeks. (3 gallon tank seasoned for 2 months, shrimp introduced to tank 2nd week of Feb.). It looks to be molting issues. I am contemplating switching from my treated tap water to remineralizing RO water using Salty Shrimp. My question is, how do I go about switching? I realize I am not going do an entire tank water change, so…how much and what do I use as a stability point with each water change since my tap water in the tank already has it’s own pH, gH, and kH?
  7. Apparently it’s normal.
  8. The buce is. I’ve seen it in other pictures. Not sure why, it was a tissue culture plant.
  9. Any idea of why my cherry shrimp is turning white? This tank has been maturing for 2 months up until this weekend. I’ve had the shrimp since Sunday, drip acclimated them for 2 hours. I have 8 in the tank and this is the only one exhibiting the white. Only other inhabitants are ramshorn snails. 3 gallon tank pH - 7.5 Ammonia - 0 Nitrates - 5ppm Nitrites - 0 ppm gH - 300 ppm kH - 180 ppm Temp - 70 degrees F
  10. Thank you! I thought I had it figured out and then I started second guessing myself after receiving the conflicting information.
  11. Good afternoon. I am new to the aquarium hobby and I am in need of help with the idea of water column fertilization of aquatic plants. I have two heavily planted (3g and 5g) tanks with many water column feeding plants. I recently began using Easy Green (used API previously). Typically the nitrates in both tanks is testing at zero. I have the large bottle, which says to dose 1 pump (1mL) per 10 gallons per week. So am I basically only doing 1/2 of that for my 5 gallon and 1/3 of it for my 3 gallon per week? Someone on a FB group was telling me that 1mL is equivalent to 3ppm in a 10 gallon & that would be equivalent to 9ppm per 1ml in my 3 gallon. So one or two pumps per week should be about perfect for my 3g to hold the nitrates between 20-40ppm. That dosing seemed like a lot more than what the dosing on the back of the bottle says. Help please!
  12. Can you share a pic of your sponge filter? I’m trying one, but it keeps leaving water on the tank lid from the tiny bubbles:(
  13. I tried several times on the photos:( They won’t show up.
  14. I have started a 3 gallon shrimp tank to mature with snails (no shrimp yet). The original HOB filter isnt great. I recently purchased a “Nano” sized Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter for it, which has turned out to be too tall. In my excitement of ordering, I did not look closely enough at the height suggestions and I have already made cuts to the tubes, so I cannot return it. It would “just fit” in my aquarium, but it really is close to the top of the water…I should have bought a small. Since the nano has 2 strainer pieces that snap together, could I take one off and cut the coarse sponge in 1/2 and essentially make the sponge filter 1/2 the height it is? Would it affect the filtration/workings of it? Looking for solutions.
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