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  1. Thank! I have offered a variety of foods and they have taken to all of them well. I will be cutting back on feeding for the rest of the quarantine period. I have the Subquaria levamisole and will be following their instructions.
  2. I have my first batch of locally caught native and invasive fish in quarantine using the med trio. I can't remember which video it was that Dean talked about his variation of quarantine by alternating between the trio and Levamisole. I am on day 6 and will soon need to do a water change and treat with Levamisole. For the Levamisole, are we supposed to follow the manufacturer's instructions, or do something different? Also, how bad is it to feed the fish during the quarantine period? I lucked out and ended up with three fat sleeper gobies in addition to some feral swordtails (including two females which are red) and some very small gambusia. Due to the wider than expected size variation (one of the fat sleepers is a good 3 inches) in the fish, I've been feeding to prevent predation.
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