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  1. Yes, I know about danios. I have them in my large tank and they are crazy. I feed larger pellets for the bigger fish that float down so those pigs don't eat everything. I have a shrimp tube feeder that I'm going to use to put their food down in. I think they'll learn how to use it. Otherwise, I'll see if I can talk him into getting some mollies or platys. I was thinking about getting frog bit. I totally suck at plants, so I'm going slow with that. So far, plants that are aquatic are much easier for me to take care of.
  2. My son wants a few danios with them. I will have some rabbit snails. I'm thinking 4 frogs in the 20 gallon. River rock substrate. Right now, I have marimo balls to add to the tank. I'll probably add some anubias. I'm pretty new to plants, so that's all I got right now.
  3. I will add plants soon too. I’m a beginner with plants and frogs. Fish I got down. Lol. I’ll just stick both of the smalls in. I have the extra one so it will work.
  4. I have two smalls now. I don’t really want to buy another. I have spent wat too much on fish stuff the last two weeks. Lol
  5. It’s the small size that the co-op sells. It’s says 10 gallons and up.
  6. I got a small sponge filter because my son was going to have a 10 gallon with African dwarf frogs. Now I’m getting him a 20 long for the frogs. Do I use a second small filter? Or is one enough?
  7. I am quarantining. I’m asking if it’s ok to use the med trio. My phone autocorrected weird. I just want to make sure those are ok for scaleless fish.
  8. I’m getting new corydoras and kuhli loaches in the coming month. Do I quarantine and medicate either quarantine trio as I do with my other fish? thanks!
  9. Thanks, Sleepy! I just want happy tanks for my kids and their animal friends. 🙂 I'm going to order the small sponge for the ADF and do the air stone for the betta tank.
  10. I'm looking at ordering a sponge filter for the African Dwarf Frog aquarium that I'm setting up for my son. Is that an appropriate filter for ADF? I'm trying to decide. What size do I need for a 10 gallon? Or do sponge filters cause too many bubbles for ADF? Perhaps I should just get a canister filter. I'm also setting up a female betta and dwarf danio tank for my daughter. I'm going to use the HOB that I have for the 10 gallon, but thought I should add a small sponge filter too for aeration and additional filtration. Is that a good plan? What size do I need for this? Thanks for the help!
  11. Thanks. I’m overthinking it. I just have struggled to get my cycle going and with fish dying so I want to keep them healthy.
  12. Thank you! I probably am overthinking it. I just want them to transition easily. I will be testing the water again to see where it stands. I’ve started transitioning them to unsoftened water so that will help.
  13. I'm moving in December/January and will be setting up a 55 gallon. Currently, we have well water and we will be going on city water. What is the best way to switch the water over? I was thinking about keeping my 29 going for a few weeks and putting in the new water maybe 10% at a time. After like 2 weeks then moving them to the 55 gallon with all city water. I will start the 55 gallon with a seeded filter as soon as I can so that it can cycle for a while before I add the fish. Is that a good plan or am I overthinking it? I have struggled with cycling my tank and killing the cycle due to having to medicate sick fish. I just want to make the transition as easy as I can for them. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, Cory! Mine isn't an established planted tank. I just started plants in the last month. They're still small, but I think they're growing. LOL.
  15. Trying to figure out what to do. I put a dose of Paracleanse in my tank yesterday morning as a follow-up of medicating 2 weeks ago. I didn't test my water before (Yes, I'm an airhead). I tested last night and it's between 20-40 nitrate. Do you think the fish will be ok until Saturday or should I change water sooner. I'll keep testing nightly. If I do change the water, do I add Paracleanse again?
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