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  1. Put the fish in the bucket with salt and maracyn last night. Still swimming around really well and looks better. Thanks everyone for your help! Fingers crossed that the fish survives.
  2. Best Valentines gift ever! Thanks for your reply. I'll start the trio tomorrow. I'm hoping my LFS has one fish tomorrow with their delivery. Then I can treat them all. 🙂
  3. I just bought a new heater and small filter. I'll set up a little bucket and then keep both for any future issues.
  4. Right, so I need to keep it in that water all the time? I don't have any extra sponge filters or heaters. 😞
  5. It's a Zebra Danio glofish. My parameters are 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 10-20 Nitrate. Temp is 78. I test weekly on Sundays. How it looks below is actually smaller than I found it on Sunday. We were gone for 2 nights and I fed them before we left. It still wants to eat. I don't honestly believe it's constipated. It really appears to be extra fluid. No pine-coning. I do not overfeed. I give flakes or pellets to my tetras/danios, and then I have food for the cories and shrimp that falls to the bottom. These little pigs do go down to the bottom to eat that sometimes. All the food is eaten within 15 minutes when I feed them, except the shrimp food.
  6. I'm quarantining some fish I got for Valentine's day, because my man knows I like fish better than flowers! Anyways, I have 1 red lipstick goby, 6 kuhli loaches, and 4 cherry barbs. Can I use the med trio on all of these fish? Thank you!
  7. One of my fish has severe bloat. I want to do a salt bath, but my hospital tank currently has quarantined fish in it. I have it isolated in a floating breeder box in my 55 gallon so I can fast it. Can I take the fish out and put it in a bucket with salt water for a few hours a day to get the salt on it? Thanks!
  8. Yes, I know about danios. I have them in my large tank and they are crazy. I feed larger pellets for the bigger fish that float down so those pigs don't eat everything. I have a shrimp tube feeder that I'm going to use to put their food down in. I think they'll learn how to use it. Otherwise, I'll see if I can talk him into getting some mollies or platys. I was thinking about getting frog bit. I totally suck at plants, so I'm going slow with that. So far, plants that are aquatic are much easier for me to take care of.
  9. My son wants a few danios with them. I will have some rabbit snails. I'm thinking 4 frogs in the 20 gallon. River rock substrate. Right now, I have marimo balls to add to the tank. I'll probably add some anubias. I'm pretty new to plants, so that's all I got right now.
  10. I will add plants soon too. I’m a beginner with plants and frogs. Fish I got down. Lol. I’ll just stick both of the smalls in. I have the extra one so it will work.
  11. I have two smalls now. I don’t really want to buy another. I have spent wat too much on fish stuff the last two weeks. Lol
  12. It’s the small size that the co-op sells. It’s says 10 gallons and up.
  13. I got a small sponge filter because my son was going to have a 10 gallon with African dwarf frogs. Now I’m getting him a 20 long for the frogs. Do I use a second small filter? Or is one enough?
  14. I am quarantining. I’m asking if it’s ok to use the med trio. My phone autocorrected weird. I just want to make sure those are ok for scaleless fish.
  15. I’m getting new corydoras and kuhli loaches in the coming month. Do I quarantine and medicate either quarantine trio as I do with my other fish? thanks!
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