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  1. I only saw it in this partially-out state, and it was not moving at all.
  2. While my African Dwarf Frogs were in amplexus I noticed a large worm-like parasite coming out of the male’s cloaca! My two frogs are housed with two mystery snails and 3 redline darters. The frog seems otherwise healthy and happy. They were ordered online from AquaHuna and the parasite was observed prior to the fish being added. Can anyone help me identify a dewormer/treatment that will take care of this without harming his tank mates? Thank you!
  3. I actually found a tiny fry in the tank just before posting this so they are definitely spawning and all of the females have that dark spot. But none have gotten this big. She has been oversized for WEEKS. I just had the lights off in my tank for about a week trying to combat algae growth.
  4. Hi all, I have a school of 7 CPDs in a 10g with 3 mystery snails and live plants, none of which have been added recently. One of the females is bloated and seems to be getting larger and larger. I fasted them twice for about 3 days and I didn’t think her belly has gone down. I’m not sure if she is pooping. She is active and behaves completely normally. None of the other fish are bloated- the females do have slightly plumper bellies than the males but this girl is big. They get Easy Fry in the morning and frozen baby brine shrimp in the evening but I have been only feeding them 1 meal a day or every other day and it hasn’t helped. Photos don’t do it justice because they dart around fast. It is pearly white and bulbous. Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 25 GH: 100ish pH: ~6.6 (this is low and a new development, it is usually around 7.0 and the bloating predates the low pH) Temp: 77
  5. I suddenly see a bunch of small white worms on my aquarium glass. No ammonia or nitrite, nitrates are about 25ppm. I have been ghost feeding my tank trying to build up the bacteria colony in preparation for 8 galaxy rasboras to be added, but as the numbers show, it’s nothing crazy that the tank can’t handle. It’s a 10G.
  6. I’m having the same issue in Chattanooga, TN. My pH is 6.4 (lowest the test strips will measure), my KH is 0, and my GH is the highest the test strips will measure. I’m not really sure what to do.
  7. Hi hobbyists! I'm currently in the dreaming/planning/researching stage of a planted 10G setup (previous fishkeeping experience included). I will be moving very slowly to give my tank and plants time to mature, with the added benefit that my money will be spent over a longer period of time, but I do have my heart all but set on 2-3 African dwarf frogs (with the plan to eventually add fish, which I am less decided on... chili rasboras? dwarf/honey gourami?). I enjoy occasional travel and extended camping/backpacking trips (up to 7-10 days), and I would love to hear from experienced keepers how they prepare and manage time away from home in regards to their ADFs. It is not my intention to regularly abandon them, but to gain an understanding of how long I could leave them without supervision and still have happy, healthy frogs. I want to make sure they will be a good fit for my lifestyle. I have researched feeding relatively thoroughly (I've noticed recommendations for the species vary considerably, hence why I am here!), and will likely feed live or frozen food 3-4 times per week, but I want to know how long I could leave the frogs unattended. Is it possible, and safe, to overfeed them slightly for a week or two prior to leaving, to give them some fat reserves to burn? Alternatively, could I "over-stock" live black worms to give them an extended food supply that won't rot and reduce water quality? What are the temporal limitations to these methods, if viable? Many thanks! - a prospective frog mom
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