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How long can African dwarf frogs go without maintenance/food?


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Hi hobbyists!

I'm currently in the dreaming/planning/researching stage of a planted 10G setup (previous fishkeeping experience included). I will be moving very slowly to give my tank and plants time to mature, with the added benefit that my money will be spent over a longer period of time, but I do have my heart all but set on 2-3 African dwarf frogs (with the plan to eventually add fish, which I am less decided on... chili rasboras? dwarf/honey gourami?). I enjoy occasional travel and extended camping/backpacking trips (up to 7-10 days), and I would love to hear from experienced keepers how they prepare and manage time away from home in regards to their ADFs. It is not my intention to regularly abandon them, but to gain an understanding of how long I could leave them without supervision and still have happy, healthy frogs. I want to make sure they will be a good fit for my lifestyle.

I have researched feeding relatively thoroughly (I've noticed recommendations for the species vary considerably, hence why I am here!), and will likely feed live or frozen food 3-4 times per week, but I want to know how long I could leave the frogs unattended. Is it possible, and safe, to overfeed them slightly for a week or two prior to leaving, to give them some fat reserves to burn? Alternatively, could I "over-stock" live black worms to give them an extended food supply that won't rot and reduce water quality? What are the temporal limitations to these methods, if viable?

Many thanks!

- a prospective frog mom

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If I'm honest me and my partner rarely holiday together so my tanks are rarely left unattended by one of us for more than 3 days.

I do have an auto feeder but should we ever travel together again I would ask a friend to feed every 3 days if you are overseas you need someone who can react on your behalf.

I did lose all my fish by not being there and a tragedy happening on a holiday I was away two weeks but by partner was only way for the middle long weekend still he came back to horrific fish loss. My tanks can go months without maintenance but if something goes wrong you need someone onsite to fix it.

Sadly this isn't a hobby that suits travel you kinda have to make as much consideration as for a dog or cat .

It's not impossible to travel but be prepared for the worst if you have to leave the tanks

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