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  1. I'll try something like that and get more bushy plants. The Amazon Swords, Anacharis, and Limnophila Heterophylla won't cut it (the Limnophila are growing more tall/thin and less dense/bushy). I just got the Echinodorus and they're dying back, but hopefully they sprout new growth soon.
  2. Thanks so much! I'm definitely trying to avoid fry, but there's no more room to add another Platy so I might have to add more plants. The tank used to be more heavily planted, but the fish would never swim in the areas that were more densely planted, so I removed them to give them more space to swim.
  3. I've had 2 male platies in a 10g community tank (cycled for months) that started off co-existing just fine. As a matter of fact, whenever the guppies get overly frisky the red sunburst platy would always get in between the dalmatian platy and the guppy to kinda run distraction. Fast forward to now, the red sunburst platy is always in the face of the dalmatian platy and just follows him everywhere he goes (no nipping). The dalmatian platy will try hiding, and it'll work for a short time, but then the sunburst will find him and the chasing continues. https://youtu.be/ykStr3bqzhg?si=chU3AqVrWeBTgA0U (for some reference) Is this normal behavior? Should I be worried even though there's no nipping or injuries occuring? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, In an effort to collect mosquito larvae, I've discovered a ton of these small white worms (about 50 total throughout the container; video in link below), and I have a few questions: 1. What are they? 2. Are they dangerous? 3. Can fish eat them? Video: Any help would be greatly appreciated! Edit: in the video there are also these small black creatures floating at the surface. They move slightly when I take them out of the water. Could they possible be the next form of the white worms or different species entirely?
  5. He's had the tumor for the better part of a year now, but the Popeye and the clear bubble are pretty new. I've been preparing for his departure for awhile now, but he's been alive and kicking just fine (no more bubble nests though 😞). Idk where these micro creatures have come from, but their numbers exploded out of nowhere and they make the tank look bad. I guess it's ok since they're harmless, but they make my aquarium look cloudy or blurry. Thanks for the help! Were they the same small, thin white worms like in my video? Mine are so tiny that they're barely visible
  6. I was told that it was a tumor once before, but wasn't quite sure. That's why I just let it be and didn't try any other treatment because he seems happy overall. I read that detritus worms live in the substrate and are pretty visible. The worms and creatures on the glass seem almost microscopic and are as tiny as a spec dust (or smaller). Is there anyway to get rid of them without harming the fish? The clear bubble that has formed is over his right eye, and is fairly new. Hopefully you can see it in the pic.
  7. Thanks! I moved Starburst to the new, sterilized quarantine tank on 3/9. I have a sponge filter and dosed it with Tetra SafeStart at the beginning, and Seachem Stability as recommended afterwards. 2 days ago I checked the parameters and the ammonia and nitrites were at 0, and the nitrates were about 10, so it's has been cycling rather quickly. I remember a couple of days ago I noticed the water looked slightly cloudy, but didn't pay it much mind. After looking closely today I noticed the glass was covered in the tiny creatures and worms, so I'm guessing the outbreak was recent.
  8. Vid: https://youtube.com/shorts/c8k_9pmGh0E?feature=share (you may have to adjust the quality to get a better view since YouTube defaults to 240p) There are thousands of tiny white creatures in my tank that I thought were just specs until I noticed them moving today. They move like mites or tiny insects, and do not have antennae or extensions like amphipods or copepods. There are also tiny, thin worm-like creatures as well, but their numbers aren't nearly as high as the white specs. The white specs seem to walk/crawl across the glass while the worms seem to wiggle across it slowly. I had this same problem a few weeks ago and I cleaned out the entire tank, sterilized with boiling water for about an hour, and let it dry outside in the heat to kill anything that remained. I put my Betta in a different tank (after giving it a rinse) that I sterilized the same way (just in case) all with new plants, decor, and substrate, but a few weeks later they've appeared again. My Betta has had this white growth above his head for some months now (seen in the video), and none of the medicine that I've used (Pimafix and KanaPlex) has been effective, so I just decided to let it go, and he seems to be living just fine (he also has this clear bubble that has appeared over his right eye a couple days ago). Is it possible that he's infected with some sort of parasite, and these creatures are coming from him? He's the only constant between the two tanks, so idk where else they could be coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Tank is fully cycled, so the nitrates are usually between 20-40ppm. If they ever get below 20ppm then I dose enough Easy Green to get em back up. I only have one tiny Betta, so the bioload isn't heavy, and there isn't a ton of ammonia being produced to make more nitrates, so I have to supplement. I might try dosing co2 if I don't see growth soon. I've started an experiment a couple days ago where I took one of the new stems, placed it into a glass jar (floating), and I'm leave it outside for natural sunlight all day (still dosing Easy Green to keep nitrates at 20ppm) and I'm gonna see if lighting is the problem. I have no way to increase the light in my 20w Hygger, so if lighting is the issue then I'll soon see and will end up buying a more powerful light for the tank.
  10. I've been trying to float them lately, but they won't stay afloat. They just sink to the bottom. I want them to stay higher near the light 😩
  11. Hopefully mine still grows since I just replanted the new buds and not the stem+roots from the old growth
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