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  1. Thanks guys. So I decided to purpose a HUSKY 4-shelf steel storage rock that was on sale. Its 39 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep and 72 inches tall. I was really scared putting it together not sure how things would hold up on a thing that relies mostly on wires. So I do plan to get some plank cut wood for each shelf to help keep things even. I've not yet put any tanks on it with water in them. But what I do like and not sure if this is a good idea??? -- I found out that I could put four 5 Gallon tanks on each shelf and it would fit perfectly on each shelf for this. I'm wondering if that is a good idea if anyone has any type of shelf like this? I plan to have possibly 3 of the 4 shelves have four 5 gallon tanks on each of the 3 shelves, leaving the top shelf empty. That would be a total of 8 tanks. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/husky-39-inch-w-x-72-inch-h-x-18-5-inch-d-metal-steel-4-shelf-customizable-shelving-unit-in-black/1001115437
  2. Quick question, what is that white material that's in each of the pots, covering the roots? My java ferns have released baby ferns and id like to pot them but have no idea where to begin. I did notice the little plastic black pots on amazon but dont know what would keep the roots together
  3. Hi everyone! I recently accidentally purchased an over-sized java fern and only found out that the plant was over-sized after i had unpacked everything. I decided just to leave it in a bucket of water. Anywho I forgot about it, but then came back to it one day to find it has tons of Java Fern babies growing off it. I have removed them and have them floating around a tank. I would like to know how to pot these little guys. I was going to buy those black small plastic pot holders but am not sure what else is needed to keep the roots together in the pot holder. I have purchased plants before and they seem to have some sort of cotton like material holding the roots together. Is this something i can buy, is it safe and what is it called or what alternatives are there if its not safe to keep around fish. I did notice fish stores have potted plants in the same tank as fishes.. im wondering how they are doing this.
  4. Hi there, so I tried the above with different males and different female and the males are still far too aggressive. In constant flare. I have 3 total mails, that seem to always flare up and attack even after a period of time in a tub separated from their main environment with the female in a plastic bottle cut out. I dont want to give up. 🙂 I just dont know where to go from here... maybe i should get yet another male and hope for the best.
  5. I've been trying many times over to do this... however all my males are just far too aggressive... its terrible. No idea how to get the males to calm down they attack the females so bad they try to jump out of the water. EDIT: Glad to hear yours are breeding!
  6. Whats weird is I have breeding going on and egg laying in my 5G but not my 10G o_o
  7. I have been on the hunt for over a year for the best and affordable shelving unit for fish tanks. I've seen those wired ones people keep saying are great... but there are people with videos on Youtube having them bend and rust. I also seen those metal ones that just sit together with a non-water-proof small wooden boards on each shelf. Curious what people have found out there that can last years without bending or give you peace of mind to not coming home to a broken shelf with tanks leaking everywhere. My worst fear.
  8. Yeah so as soon as I posted here to ask how to breed them... I noticed i had tiny fry everywhere. What I did was not use a heater (my room temp is 22C) I have java moss everywhere and lots of hiding places. I also do not have too many males in that tank. The fry are now getting really big!
  9. Wow so same day I asked the question here later that night I noticed what I thought were 3 insects in my tank turned out to be fry! I removed them immediately to their own tank with low water. I think the parents ate all the other babies or eggs since ti only found 3.
  10. I have some young bettas and a 5 year old betta. Wondering what is the preferred range? is it like a couple months old to 2 years?
  11. So I have about 10 White Cloud Minnows and two tanks. One is a 5 gal and the other is a 10 g. I'm wondering what are the best breeding conditions for white clouds. I have an even number of males and boys. One of the males is massive. One of my tanks I can make 21C and the other 24C with a heater. I understand they are fish that like cold water but im wondering if 24C might encourage breeding? I also have java moss and other plants in all tanks. I see lots of flaring and displaying from the males and the females sometimes disappear into the java moss but the males dont seem to really follow. I've not seen any spawning going on. So any help would be awesome as to what I may be doing wrong. I live in a big city in the dead of winter so getting access to live food is almost impossible. I do have brine shrimp eggs though but never tried that yet. I have dried worm food and pellets and flakes.
  12. I own 2 young Bettas of same look and appearance. One of them keeps making bubbles, so its obiously a male. The other doesn't ever flare up or make bubbles. I cant seem to identify its gender. Anyways when I put them together even after the other has made bubbles, it just abuses the crap out of the other one (that doesn't flare). I believe they are siblings. I'm considering going out and finding a female betta seller, so i know 100% the gender. I did rescue a Betta recently i was told was female but she's 5 years old (and massive... size of a small gold fish) it has some health issues so i wont risk breeding it. I also have another 4th betta which has very long fins. I believe to be male as it flares up and attacks snails all the time. I'm really hoping i can one day have a successful breeding of my obvious male betta. He's just always making bubble nests but unfortunately he's very aggressive so not sure if thats a factor?
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