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  1. do water changes, Work with the water you have All the additives to change water parameters are not always necessary It sometimes creates other problems . Know your fish and plants before you purchase them
  2. I have a 150 gal. From my light which is a fluval plant to the bottom of the tank is 27 inches .It is set at 78% on all the spectrums except blue which is set at 20% I grow val, anubias, crypts ,swords, staurogyne repens, susswasetang,xmas tree moss, bolbitis, aponogeton, I don't have success with most carpet plants or stem plants except a plant I call star grass This light seems to work for me ,after researching all the possibilities
  3. going on holiday for several weeks. The fish sitter is going to feed the fish but not going to do water changes. The question is do they dose with easy green while I'm away or not ? Any feed back is welcomed , thank you
  4. my goldfish never bothered the jungle val. The val grow so well that I've been bringing it to the fish club to be auctioned off,when it starts to over take the tank
  5. thank you seattle aquarist for your explaination on how you use iron and the amount you put in your tanks It was useful info
  6. Is it possible to add to much iron to a planted tank?
  7. thank you for your reply It was intresting because so many in our hobby are so opposed to anything but the stuff made just for the aquarium which to me seems expensive I think I'm going to experiment in a small tank and see how it goes .I never have used saw dust in my gardens for the reason you mentioned but I never throught about wood in the tanks in that way
  8. the info on aquarium plants say don't use ferts that are used for indoor potted plants My question is why? and does anyone use them anyway?
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