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  1. Thanks to everyone for the suggestion on plants. Now i just need to find / grow out some larger plants to try.
  2. I have a 300 gallon tank with 10 to 15 goldfish (most are common) with the biggest being around the 8 inches. I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck long term with plants and what kind would you recommend to start with. I have already tried java fern the fish ate them.
  3. I believe the tidal filters have a way to control the flow of the skimmer it's self without restricting flow to the rest of the filter. If it does I would try turning the water flow of the skimmer down/off and run it that way.
  4. I had a 30 gallon with guppies, glowlight tetras, and a swordtail. The tank had red worms on top of the gravel. Please help identify the worms and how to treat if I see them again. I moved the fish because the tank started to leak and I'm worried about possible contamination in other tanks. The fish showed no heath problems that I could see.
  5. To me the picture looks like a butterfly valve or a gate valve.
  6. If this won't work or if you need it to be under the tank. Go to YouTube and search king of diy canister filter. I will warn you if you use a pump that is to strong it will start to leak from the seal on the lid after a few months
  7. I'm begging can we have the video know or are we going to have to beg some more
  8. I would recommend a 100 w heater. You may not be able to use the suction cups on the side of the Rubbermaid but you can use a clamp on the egde and zip tie the power cord to the clamp. I would also recommend trying to get a good quality heater. Oscars have a reputation of trying to move anything in the tank and a lesser heater most likely won't handle that kind of abuse as well.
  9. I know culling fish is something that is needed from time to time to stop the potential spread of deformities when breading. And I'm interested in useing the culled fish as feeders. I'm curious on what other people think about this method of culling. And if you use this method what fish do you recommend to feed the culled fish to?
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