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  1. Hello all. I'm new to the forums here and just wanted to say hello before I bombard you with some questions. I've been into Aquariums for awhile now, thanks to finding Cory's videos that brought me back to the hobby I have been away from for some time. I'm not a newbie but I'm also not Elite Fish Fu Master as some of you are. I have a few tanks that are doing quite well but there is always that want and need for something bigger and new. I'm running a 10 gallon and a 20 Long but lately I've wanted to go big. The wife out of her loving heart decided to allow me to get another tank.... GASP I know. So back to the point. I'm looking at the Aqueon 65 Gallon Aquarium. The thing that has me scared is the reviews on the site (Petsmart sells a tank/stand combo). It looks like it's a leaky tank. I was wondering if anyone has this tank and how it's held up for you? I live in a apartment at the moment, thus why my concern of the leaky reviews. I've been eye balling this tank for a long time and want to jump on the buy but I also want to save swimming time for the beach or pool if you know what I mean. Would reinforcing the silicon with an over lay be the way around this? I'm still pretty much sold on this tank and most likely will take my chances on it which I'm pretty sure it will be fine. Also have another question about this set up. Would a larger single filter be fine for the volume or would you recommend two small filters. I will be going HOB the filter. I know I've heard it would be better to have 2 smaller filters for a 55 Gallon due to it's 4 foot length but this 65 comes shorter length with wider sides and taller height. Filter I'm thinking of it's either a Penguin 375 pro or a Tidal 75. Other then that, I've got pretty much everything else nailed down to want I wanna do. Thanks for letting me pick your fish brains and allowing me to be part of this community.
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