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  1. So far so good. I have the tank setup with 3 comets for the first winter and cycle. Going on 2 weeks for now.
  2. Just a survey and story of a survivor. I came home from work at 3:00 checked on my community tank and could not find my female platy. I didn’t think much of it, she was getting big and assumed she was hiding to give birth. Fast forward to 4:30 I made my rounds to check on the tank and still didn’t see her, I searched around the tank and found her on the floor. When I picked her up to toss her in the flower bed she moved. Covered in. Dust from behind the tank and looking dry as could be. I immediately got her into a breeder box in the tank. She was in bad shape but somehow pulled through. After a few hours of rest I released her back into the tank, mainly so she could scrape the debris off her body more naturally. Has anyone else had a situation like this before?
  3. Sounds like someone is ready to become a man!
  4. The garage is insulated. This is just an experiment know with small ponds in the winter that have frozen over completely with no oxygen being added I have had the fish survive. This is just an idea to keep a few ornamental Goldie’s I like since I do not have room for tank inside the house. This winter is going to be a few feeder comets to see. I will try to update throughout the winter.
  5. The deep freeze is a great idea! That would be an awesome indoor pond
  6. Thanks John Henry. I actually had two mature plants in this tank. I had to get rid of one for the fish sakes. But luckily this guy put out a runner. I think I planted 6 smaller ones in the back of the tank.
  7. Guppysnail Washington Pennsylvania here! Wrong side of the state lol. I have been to York a few times and always enjoyed myself.
  8. Okay. I am setting up a 55 gallon goldfish tank in my unattached garage this fall for goldfish. I am in southern Pennsylvania. Yes it gets cold, my plan is running a sponge filter and t 12 fluorescents on a timer directly above the tank through the winter. Has anyone done anything like this before? I have had ponds freeze completely over and the Goldie’s make it through the winter. I am suffering from only having a single tank in my house!
  9. Haha! They were both doing it to each other. I am going to try to attach pics of the fish. I do not know the sex of either. I have never bred angels before. I would always keep a small school and trade them out as they out grew the small tank had them in.
  10. Nz1986

    Vinegar eels

    I haven’t ever fed my eels I started them for bettas and I wound up losing my breeders due to a power outage. But the vinegar eels are still thriving. Just keeping them around until I have a different fish to breed.
  11. When my population gets larger than I would like I cull and grind them into my gel food for my other fish.
  12. Hello I have a pair of angels which have been showing a little aggression lately. Tonight while I was watching them they were almost twitching forward and away from one another. I haven’t saw the twitch before. Just wondering if anyone has experienced that before.
  13. This is the first time I have ever had to restart with guppies in about ten years or more and I will say I am disappointed.
  14. Thanks they do go into a quarantine and that’s as far as they make it. It’s just sad seeing it happen to all of them. In the past I used to have good success with the chain store guppies.
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