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  1. Its not a permanent solution, but I have found that "liquid CO2" products are great for spot treating. I have a big aquascaped tank by a window that grows hair algae in the java moss on the side that faces the window. I just use a pipette and spray any I can't remove by hand. Obviously you will want to do your normal algae mitigations but this is great for the stubborn stuff.
  2. 2 40 breeders, a 3g and the smoky one is probably around 2 gallons I made it myself.
  3. Not sure, I'd guess there's no more than a gallon or two of water so probably shrimp and snails.
  4. Maybe a strange question but do they seem alive, or are they maybe just wet pellet food that got stuck?
  5. Had an old 10 Gallon that needed resealing. After watching way too much SerpaDesign I decided to buy a glass cutter and made my own tiny custom tank.
  6. Been a Fan of aquarium coop for years, don't know why it took me so long to join the forum. Looking forward to sharing with the community and hopefully meeting some locals to take some of the guppies and plants I can't seem to stop making off my hands! Here are some of my tanks.
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