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  1. So I have an update after a while, unfortunately I have lost some fish, I lost my Sexlineata Rainbowfish, and also several Corydoras as I only have Corydoras wotroi at the moment, I still have some plants but I need to get with my lfs the substrate that worked for my Cryptocorines. Despite my losses I have managed to maintain a good quality of water, so a few days ago I obtained this pair of beautiful Copellas, I'm still working on identifying the fish but I have wanted to get fish of this genre for a long time without a doubt.
  2. LaloJ

    Sick rainbowfish

    Thank you for responding here, I think it will not be easy to get that medicine here, I'm in Mexico and I have not seen anything of that brand, is there any other option?
  3. So I have a Sexlineata Rainbowfish with 3 or 4 white dots and some red markings in the mouth and near the tail, it looks like the fish wore lipstick, plus I see a couple of pretty thin threads coming out of its belly, you can imagine as if instead of excrement coming out that pair of very small and thin red threads comes out, the fish does not eat so I suspect internal parasites, I am thinking of medicating the hospital tank with Nitrofurazone for the red marks, do you have any other ideas for the other problems ? I have Paraguard for external parasites. Sorry but I don't have any image because the fish swim very fast, lol.
  4. I would probably add more plants like Cryptocorine or Sagittaria, I like substrates with plants like that, and probably some anubias. I like Cryptocorine parva and wendtii brown.
  5. Nice work. I haven't been able to read the whole thread so I apologize if you already talked about Co2, are you using it??
  6. I had no idea salifert handled kits for fresh water, if so then I would swap API for salifert. Do the test with half the water from your tank and the other half fresh water as suggested above and see the result, if you get high nitrate it means that the API test is correct.
  7. Your tank looks great, although I’m not a fan of artificial decoration in the aquarium I understand your point here, when I install my tank buy a beautiful Echinodorus ozelot that is at least 20 cm tall, it's supposed to be an easy plant to care for, and withered like a rose after a while.
  8. If you need inspiration I invite you to look at user Crazydas riparium work (or something like that) that was an epic tank.
  9. I added a couple of Neon rainbowfish, I've never had these guys but they are small and I think they can take a good coloration, plus I haven't had any fish for months, they are welcome in my tank.
  10. I like your tank, it's simple and with nice well selected plants, everything seems in order and you seem to be doing very well, new here too but I guess I can tell you that you are welcome.
  11. I did a water change this night, so take some photos, I'm waiting to add more plants and fish here, I think I haven't added anything in more than 4 months.
  12. Guppysnail, chick, thank you guys. I've been looking for pictures of my tank for a couple of years now so I only got this fts, I'll keep looking.
  13. I would make a perforation in the side and place a sump of between 60-80 liters, a simple sump with a section for mechanical filtration, another section for the skimmer and another section for the return pump, you do not need more to keep only fish, unless you want to fit a UV filter. In the main tank you will need between 30/40 lbs of aragonite or sand, I always recommend the live sand from natures ocean or caribsea, in addition to being aesthetically unbeatable, it will also help with cycling. I recommend dry rock to start maybe 20 or 30 pounds, it depends on the aquascape you want to make but not less than that amount, you can opt for the real reef rock which is dry rock but quite nice looking, and as for the circulation of water you can opt for a wave generator from the jebao brand, which are cheap and according to several reviews, they do their job well. An option can be jebao SDW-5, you can lower or raise the intensity of the generator with the controller, you can also go for a bigger model, or if you want a luxury option you can opt for Vortech mp10. As for the return pump, Jebao dcp3000 should work well for you, as well as the Bubble magus c3.5 skimmer should be more than enough, although you can go with a smaller skimmer and help yourself with more frequent water changes depending on the conditions. needs demanded by the water in your tank.
  14. Awesome photos here, I love birds too, Tanagers are my favorite. For some strange reason, it seems that aquarists also have a thing for birds, most of the people I know in the hobby are also fanatics of birds.
  15. Speaking of freshwater, I guess the fish I would love to have would be a group of Thayeria obliqua, not to be confused with the penguin tetra, Theyeria boehlkei. Unlike the latter, the oblique tetra is completely rare in the aquarium industry, besides it's a beautiful fish, I think that getting them would be almost impossible so it only lives in my dreams, I saw a picture of them when I was looking for information on the penguin tetra many years ago. In saltwater, the fish of my dreams is unobtainable, the Resplendent angelfish is a small fish that only inhabits the Asension Islands, and was a regularly seen fish in the aquarium industry in the 90's. Approximately 15 or 17 years ago the Asension Islands were protected and obviously any type of harvesting was prohibited.
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