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I have tried to do my research with this algae but am having trouble combating it. Can anyone help me identify this type of algae and some action steps? I’m not sure that it is green hair algae but it seems to enter most of my tanks at some point and it’s a struggle to get rid of. You can grab a small bit of it and most comes out like a ball of tangled yarn but then it will grow back in a week. Any help would be appreciated as it is choking out some of my plants!




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Wow that is quite a bit of algae! Yes, I'd call that hair algae. I have a little in one of my tanks and my strategy is to:

1) scoop out whatever I can and stick it in the QT for my new fish to ponder/nibble at.

2) Reduce feeding to 1/day and use a light hand.

3) If it comes back, reduce the lighting to 8 hrs/day until plants establish themselves more and suck up the nutrients before algae can.

And I think that strategy would work here, too. Not too many critters will eat hair algae specifically. Even my neo shrimp seem disinterested. I think the best strategy is to cut way back on the nutrients after removing the bulk of it, then ramping back up when it's gone and the plants are taking care of themselves.

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Great suggestions Kirsten! I might even say cut back light to 6 hours since there's so much in algae in there. If you're adding fertilizers then stop until the algae is gone. Do a big water change to remove the extra fertilizers (algae food at this point) from the water column.

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