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dwarf gourami with german blue rams

gourami ram

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Hi! So, I have a few questions for you--how big is your tank, and do you plan to have 2 same sex rams, or a male and a female?

My rams can be territorial, but they seem to only worry about other territorial cichlid type fish. They ignore schooling or bottom fish. They are serious about chasing any other fish they think are going to try to take their "spot" though.

I think they might act that way to a gourami, but at least the gourami wants the top and rams want the bottom more. If your tank is big enough, it could work. I have a 29g that is packed with plants, driftwood, and rocks, making tons of little hiding places everywhere. I have 3, a male and 2 females. One female is the favorite and the other is not happy, she gets chased. I need to rehome her to a different tank or a new home. It doesn't work to have more than one pair in a 29g even with all my sight breaks and cover. I think if they were all the same sex it might be different.

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