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New aquarium plants for new aquarium

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I am planning out my 180 gallon tank. I am just about to get it filled and start cycling. I am hoping to add some plants, but I have fish that like digging. I bought six of the easy planters, and hope to add plants that don’t branch out too much. I was hoping you all might have some good ideas on what plants might go well. I would like some things go all the way to the top to give the tank more depth. That being said, I don’t want the plants to spread too much. I would rather have more planters and the ability to move things around without worrying about the fish digging them up. In my experience, the fish I have don’t really eat the plants too much, But since they are substrate feeders, they tend to uproot them. I plan to have a large area of sand, But a zone in the back that has some kind of planted substrate. I plan to separate them with larger decorations so the two substrates don’t mix. so, I’m open to suggestions. I was thinking about swords and other plants that will grow up from a single point and not send out runners. The only truly planted aquarium I have ever had is going strong, but also somewhat out of control. With 24 ft.³ of room in the tank, I do not need these plants to do the same. I will most likely add CO2 at some point, but need suggestions on plants that will grow without it. I am not opposed to adding some carpeting plants as the diggers won’t be in the tank right away. For these, I would need suggestions on things that will grow and root fast.






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1 minute ago, Streetwise said:

It looks like you have an amazing tank, and an epic sump. Are you coming from a marine background?

No, I've always done freshwater. I was going to just get a 120 or 150 from PetSmart then I started looking into the qualities of high vis glass and ended up on the customaquariums.com website. The next thing I knew, I had spent several grand and had this awesome tank. The sump will contain mostly biofiltration (BioHome Ultimate, and bioballs). Still trying to figure out where to put the carbon pads so I don't have too much of a blackwater problem. They included a UV sterilizer in the package, so that should hopefully help keep the algae down. 

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Very cool, @Hobby Doc! I don't run any tanks at your size, but I like the idea that each tank can be its own sump. Since you have a big tank, and a big sump, you could do so many cool things. Your large tank will probably be able to hold enough beneficial bacteria to take care of itself, so your sump could be on display doing all sorts of other projects, or let you overdrive your display tank. I imagine an overgrown shrimp paradise in one of the sump chambers.

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4 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

Your large tank will probably be able to hold enough beneficial bacteria to take care of itself, so your sump could be on display doing all sorts of other projects, or letting you overdrive your display tank.

My hope is to have a completely cycled aquarium (zero ammonium, zero nitrites and zero nitrates). This is the idea with the biohome. I have 15 kg of BH ultimate as well as several pounds of bioballs. I also have a media reactor sitting around collecting dust. Not sure what I'll do with it, but may try to incorporate it in some way. I may put some floating plants in the evaporation chamber in the sump and make it a refugium of sorts.

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10 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I don't run any tanks at your size

Nano tanks take a lot more attention. I respect that skill. I'm hoping for something that will do a lot of its own maintenance. Bigger volume = more room for biofiltration and cleaner water. I'm building a water change system because my municipal water supply has too much nitrates and I'll be doing water changes with RO water. I'd like to get my water changes down to only 1-2x per month if possible.

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